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Two Worlds 24 – Martial Mindset for a Pandemic

Being on your back can be a dominant position to fight from if you know what you’re doing and don’t panic.

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Two Worlds 23 – Seeing Cycles

This is not an easy time. It’s a time of prolonged difficulty on multiple levels, and to hang in there as you are doing right now takes guts.

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Two Worlds 22: Your Voice

Can you imagine how much harder it was to create a movement fifty years ago? No email. No cell phones. No social networks. Just think about the leg work that went into gathering ten people to do anything, much less a thousand.

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Two Worlds 21: Atonement At The Abyss

This is the decision point. This is the time to act from your gut. This is your hero’s journey.

What do you stand for?

For so many right now, what holds them back is their ego. It’s useless, but it’s what they are clinging to.

Courage Empowers Us To Speak Our Truth

Two Worlds 20: Break Point

We feel weak, vulnerable, confused, and overwhelmed.

Then somehow, we realize that these feelings only lead to more of the same, and we tap into the one thing we need to make meaning of the breaking point: courage.

Two Worlds 19

Two Worlds 19: Numbers and Narrative

Beware your inclination to accept narratives of others being pushed right now.

Do your own math and write your own story. There has never been a better time in the history of humankind to do so.

The Oppressed Are Not Weak

Two Worlds 18: The Oppressed and The Weak

We heroes have to stand up for the oppressed and to the oppressors. This calling has existed as long as humans have; it is a feature of our lives, not a defect. It is part of the noble Hero’s Journey, and it raises us to higher levels of purpose, achievement, and fulfillment when we accept it.

Whether you think you own your risk or you don't, you do

Two Worlds 17: 2020 is just that

Nature doesn’t care about our rationale. Now is not a time to allow others to intellectualize your instincts away.

Whether you think you own your risk or you don’t, you do.

For as much as we are bemoaning this year, 2020 is just that—clear vision. If you were in any way unclear about what mattered most, this year is correcting that for you.


Two Worlds 16: Beyond Luck and Misfortune

When misfortune is so prevalent, of course, you have to be careful. But you still have to create, and now more than before, you have to be courageous.

Don’t just navigate these turbulent waters. Build. Make. Inspire. Uplift.

Do not concede. You have within you the ability to evolve, to adapt, and to overcome.

TWO WORLDS 15 - Remember the Upside

Two Worlds 15 – Remember The Upside

Hello Hero, The crisis is a teacher. Never wait to tell someone that you love them because you are not in control of the next time you will see them. The very thing the virus steals from those it infects is the very thing we all should return to when its impact overwhelms us—the breath.…

Two Worlds 14 - A Useful Narrative

Two Worlds 14 – A Useful Narrative

Greetings, If you celebrate Easter or Passover, I hope the weekend offered an opportunity to reflect on the spirit and how this moment we find ourselves in fits into a much bigger story. If not, I hope the weekend gave you a reprieve and a chance to collect yourself. A new week is upon us,…

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

My friend, We have arrived at a fork in the road. It’s time for the tone to change. When I moved to Nashville on Labor Day in the year 2000, with no degree, a pregnant wife and a one year old, I was able to get a job waiting tables within an hour. That job…

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The Grind 43: The Gift Of Reflection

I’m really excited for this week. This week I will put out two shows on the podcast or the first time. I’m getting the hang of this thing… Both shows will feature my friend, Megan Barry. For those of you outside of Nashville, Megan was the 7th Mayor of Nashville. She was the first woman…

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The Grind 42: Our Relationship With Discomfort

I didn’t send my newsletter yesterday because it was Martin Luther King Jr. day., and I like to reflect on sacrifice on that day. For the last week, I have been thinking about the value of discomfort, and the importance of developing a healthy relationship with it. Have you watched MLK’s mountaintop speech recently? If…

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The Grind 41 Hiatus

Happy Sunday my friend, This is the last Grind newsletter I will send for at least a month. I also will not be doing anymore Create and Orchestrate videos for at least a month. Why? Because I can see the finish line with Create and Orchestrate, the book, and I’m in focus mode. Last year…

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The Grind 40: Giving Thanks

Happy Sunday my friend, This was a particularly wonderful Thanksgiving season for my family and I. I hope it was for you as well. There is always more that we can do to stand in our power. So much of our power is in our potential. These seasons of downtime, gratitude and community have a…

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The Grind 39: Startups Are Kids

Happy Sunday my friend, Yesterday, my wife shared with me an incredible way of looking at what it means to raise teenagers. In case you didn’t know, we’ve got two. She said that their conscience is developing but isn’t fully baked yet, and so as parents it’s our job to be their external conscience. To…

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The Grind 38: The Disengaged Majority

Hello my friend, I’m going to talk about the election. If you are tired of reading about it or hearing about it, I totally understand and wanted to save you the energy of reading any further. It’s also not short. We live in incredible times. Among the things that make these times so incredible are…

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The Grind 37: The Downside of Striving

Happy Sunday my friend, Weeks like last week kinda suck. I spent the whole week feeling “in between”. Maybe you know what this is like. I’m coming off of a really good week. Just a couple of things that happened… Oasis Venture announced a partnership with Google Fiber to teach young aspiring entrepreneurs how to…

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The Grind 36: Impact and Influence

Happy Sunday my friend, I hope you did a better job than I did of celebrating Halloween this weekend. It totally snuck up on me, I’ve got so much on my plate and I just didn’t get around to pulling a costume together. We all have these choices we have to make around where we…

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The Grind 35: What Makes A Legacy?

Happy Sunday my friend, I hope you had a great week. Last Sunday Rachel and I were fortunate to be in attendance at the Medallion ceremony for the Country Music Hall of Fame, where Fred Foster, Charlie Daniels and Randy Travis were inducted into the Hall. I sort of felt like I had no business…

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The Grind 34: The Spirit of Forgiveness

Happy Sunday my friend, This past week was Yom Kippur, a High Holy Day for Jews in which God is asked for forgiveness for the people’s transgressions of the previous year through a period of fasting, prayer and reflection. I converted to Judaism in April of 2014 prior to marrying Rachel, and over the last…

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The Grind 33: Years Of Work

Happy Sunday my friend, This last week was a big one, and so this week’s message is a long one. I hope you can hang in there with me. When weeks like this happen and I sit down to write my weekly message to you, I’m often surprised at the things that stand out. This…

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The Grind 32: Innovation Takes Many Forms

Happy Sunday my friend, How do you feel about the word ‘innovation’? I don’t often talk about it in The Grind because it feels like it may lead me into the land of buzzwords and I’ve been trying really hard to stay away from those when I write to you. But I don’t think I…