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Two Worlds 24 – Martial Mindset for a Pandemic

Being on your back can be a dominant position to fight from if you know what you’re doing and don’t panic.

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Two Worlds 23 – Seeing Cycles

This is not an easy time. It’s a time of prolonged difficulty on multiple levels, and to hang in there as you are doing right now takes guts.

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Two Worlds 22: Your Voice

Can you imagine how much harder it was to create a movement fifty years ago? No email. No cell phones. No social networks. Just think about the leg work that went into gathering ten people to do anything, much less a thousand.

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Two Worlds 21: Atonement At The Abyss

This is the decision point. This is the time to act from your gut. This is your hero’s journey.

What do you stand for?

For so many right now, what holds them back is their ego. It’s useless, but it’s what they are clinging to.

Courage Empowers Us To Speak Our Truth

Two Worlds 20: Break Point

We feel weak, vulnerable, confused, and overwhelmed.

Then somehow, we realize that these feelings only lead to more of the same, and we tap into the one thing we need to make meaning of the breaking point: courage.

Two Worlds 19

Two Worlds 19: Numbers and Narrative

Beware your inclination to accept narratives of others being pushed right now.

Do your own math and write your own story. There has never been a better time in the history of humankind to do so.

The Oppressed Are Not Weak

Two Worlds 18: The Oppressed and The Weak

We heroes have to stand up for the oppressed and to the oppressors. This calling has existed as long as humans have; it is a feature of our lives, not a defect. It is part of the noble Hero’s Journey, and it raises us to higher levels of purpose, achievement, and fulfillment when we accept it.

Whether you think you own your risk or you don't, you do

Two Worlds 17: 2020 is just that

Nature doesn’t care about our rationale. Now is not a time to allow others to intellectualize your instincts away.

Whether you think you own your risk or you don’t, you do.

For as much as we are bemoaning this year, 2020 is just that—clear vision. If you were in any way unclear about what mattered most, this year is correcting that for you.


Two Worlds 16: Beyond Luck and Misfortune

When misfortune is so prevalent, of course, you have to be careful. But you still have to create, and now more than before, you have to be courageous.

Don’t just navigate these turbulent waters. Build. Make. Inspire. Uplift.

Do not concede. You have within you the ability to evolve, to adapt, and to overcome.

TWO WORLDS 15 - Remember the Upside

Two Worlds 15 – Remember The Upside

Hello Hero, The crisis is a teacher. Never wait to tell someone that you love them because you are not in control of the next time you will see them. The very thing the virus steals from those it infects is the very thing we all should return to when its impact overwhelms us—the breath.…

Two Worlds 14 - A Useful Narrative

Two Worlds 14 – A Useful Narrative

Greetings, If you celebrate Easter or Passover, I hope the weekend offered an opportunity to reflect on the spirit and how this moment we find ourselves in fits into a much bigger story. If not, I hope the weekend gave you a reprieve and a chance to collect yourself. A new week is upon us,…

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

My friend, We have arrived at a fork in the road. It’s time for the tone to change. When I moved to Nashville on Labor Day in the year 2000, with no degree, a pregnant wife and a one year old, I was able to get a job waiting tables within an hour. That job…

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The Grind 67 The Fear Behind The Anger

I’m Sorry The topic of mid life crisis has come up quite a bit in my social circles over the last six or so months. I haven’t initiated discussions on the topic because I wouldn’t call what I’m currently experiencing in life as a crisis, but the topic does make me reflect on what my…

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The Grind 66 Who's Setting Your Price?

I Just Don’t Have The Time. I’d like to continue the thread from my last writing about the importance of Creative Power in the new economy. As I mentioned in the last issue, we are in the very early phases of determining new ways to value human contributions to the economy. The massive shifts that…

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The Grind 65 Money Value Time

This is still about business… and your independence. I’d like to share my view on where I think the economy is going, and why it’s a big factor in driving me to talk so much about well-being. The majority of you who have subscribed to The Grind signed up because of my personal brand connection…

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The Grind 64 Who's Reaction Matters The Most?

You want to know how to make people mad? There is a layer of glaze in society that performs like a glue but is really a sludge. It’s the social lubricant of saying what we think people want to hear rather than using our voices in an authentic way. We have an agreement in society…

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The Grind 63 The Work Behind Inner Peace

It works, but it’s work. In April 29th’s edition (released on my blog May 27th), I went into a bit on the role that gratitude plays in helping me deal with dissatisfaction and ended that email with “Have a grateful week”. If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me share quotes…

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The Grind 62 Get on the Stage

We place too much focus on magic As you go through this week, try keeping an ear and an eye out for inner dialogue and conversations with others that start with “I can’t” and “I’m not good at”. As someone who is actively trying to lean into their strengths and find support around my weaknesses,…

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The Grind 61 Journeys and Objectives

What was true is no longer true. I’ve been doing a lot of speaking and writing lately. Speaking and writing both trigger me to think about ‘narrative’, which leads to reflection about what has transpired in my life so far, and how I’ve been transformed by it. One major theme has come up lately in…

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The Grind 60 We Are Better With A Rear View Mirror

Have we lost an understanding of freedom? I hope that you had a great three day weekend and a Happy Memorial Day. Since my oldest son recently became a Marine, I’ve developed a deeper interest in the military. Its history, its traditions and its importance. For that reason, I decided not to write this issue…

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The Grind 59 The Wisdom To Know The Difference

What are we all freaking out about? In three days my youngest son will graduate from high school. I’m so happy for him and so proud of him. I can close my eyes and vividly remember when he was a baby. When he was a little boy that I carried around my neck. Today trying…

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The Grind 58 Active Patience

The Trick Is Forgetting About The Goal… For those of you that find joy in Mother’s Day, I hope it was a wonderful one for you. For those that find it challenging, I wish you peace. I’ve had a week myself over here. Growing under constraints is a challenge I usually embrace, but I have…

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The Grind 57: The Power of Less

Being a great entrepreneur is about responsiveness, making great decisions and execution, just like being a great athlete. The habit of accepting less bullshit in our lives is transferrable in a good way.

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The Grind 56: Dealing with Dissatisfaction

We’re human, we’re not going to stop being pissed off. As we (“the societal we”) continue to understand the impact of our state of mind on our wellbeing, and subsequently our wellbeing on everything we want to accomplish in the world, we’ve put more and more focus on the kind of thoughts we need to…