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Two Worlds 24 – Martial Mindset for a Pandemic

Being on your back can be a dominant position to fight from if you know what you’re doing and don’t panic.

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Two Worlds 23 – Seeing Cycles

This is not an easy time. It’s a time of prolonged difficulty on multiple levels, and to hang in there as you are doing right now takes guts.

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Two Worlds 22: Your Voice

Can you imagine how much harder it was to create a movement fifty years ago? No email. No cell phones. No social networks. Just think about the leg work that went into gathering ten people to do anything, much less a thousand.

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Two Worlds 21: Atonement At The Abyss

This is the decision point. This is the time to act from your gut. This is your hero’s journey.

What do you stand for?

For so many right now, what holds them back is their ego. It’s useless, but it’s what they are clinging to.

Courage Empowers Us To Speak Our Truth

Two Worlds 20: Break Point

We feel weak, vulnerable, confused, and overwhelmed.

Then somehow, we realize that these feelings only lead to more of the same, and we tap into the one thing we need to make meaning of the breaking point: courage.

Two Worlds 19

Two Worlds 19: Numbers and Narrative

Beware your inclination to accept narratives of others being pushed right now.

Do your own math and write your own story. There has never been a better time in the history of humankind to do so.

The Oppressed Are Not Weak

Two Worlds 18: The Oppressed and The Weak

We heroes have to stand up for the oppressed and to the oppressors. This calling has existed as long as humans have; it is a feature of our lives, not a defect. It is part of the noble Hero’s Journey, and it raises us to higher levels of purpose, achievement, and fulfillment when we accept it.

Whether you think you own your risk or you don't, you do

Two Worlds 17: 2020 is just that

Nature doesn’t care about our rationale. Now is not a time to allow others to intellectualize your instincts away.

Whether you think you own your risk or you don’t, you do.

For as much as we are bemoaning this year, 2020 is just that—clear vision. If you were in any way unclear about what mattered most, this year is correcting that for you.


Two Worlds 16: Beyond Luck and Misfortune

When misfortune is so prevalent, of course, you have to be careful. But you still have to create, and now more than before, you have to be courageous.

Don’t just navigate these turbulent waters. Build. Make. Inspire. Uplift.

Do not concede. You have within you the ability to evolve, to adapt, and to overcome.

TWO WORLDS 15 - Remember the Upside

Two Worlds 15 – Remember The Upside

Hello Hero, The crisis is a teacher. Never wait to tell someone that you love them because you are not in control of the next time you will see them. The very thing the virus steals from those it infects is the very thing we all should return to when its impact overwhelms us—the breath.…

Two Worlds 14 - A Useful Narrative

Two Worlds 14 – A Useful Narrative

Greetings, If you celebrate Easter or Passover, I hope the weekend offered an opportunity to reflect on the spirit and how this moment we find ourselves in fits into a much bigger story. If not, I hope the weekend gave you a reprieve and a chance to collect yourself. A new week is upon us,…

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

My friend, We have arrived at a fork in the road. It’s time for the tone to change. When I moved to Nashville on Labor Day in the year 2000, with no degree, a pregnant wife and a one year old, I was able to get a job waiting tables within an hour. That job…


The Grind 91 Fin

Fin. Today is my birthday. I’m 44 now. A year ago today, I had no idea how much The Grind would change my life, or help others navigate theirs. There is something about The Grind that resonated with people. Of course, there’s the title. Many people believe that life is nothing more than a grind.…

The Grind 90 Mind Body and Soul

The Grind 90 Mind, Body and Soul

Decide to transform I figured something out this year. I don’t know that anyone was lying to me. Still, somewhere along the line, I got the idea that money was the answer to most problems, and that making money always needed to be the priority. That was the mindset I had, and it seemed to…

The Grind 89 The Resistance

The Grind 89 The Resistance

The first action the hero makes is the refusal of the call. The refusal is the signal of the significant fear one must overcome to start the process of transformation. The first and most important thing we do on the way to greatness is change our minds. No one constantly hurdles through life making brave…

The Grind 88 Let It Go

The Grind 88 Let It Go

I can’t play small anymore It’s time to admit that I don’t want to let go. I found a groove, and it’s comfortable. I found it here, in this newsletter to you every week. This was the place that I put down the burden of my shadows and allowed them to find sunlight. This is…

The Grind 87 Nap Time

The Grind 87 Nap Time

The realm of diminishing returns I took the first week of November off from work at Jumpstart / Health:Further to focus on one last editing pass on my book before I submitted it to my publisher for their edit. That went really well, and the book is off with the editors now getting a thorough…

The Grind 86 Renewal

The Grind 86 Renewal

what it feels like to be naturally happy Today marks one year and one day since the last time I drank alcohol. I’ve talked about quitting alcohol quite a bit. As this date drew closer, I’ve been feeling like it’s something I want to stop talking about so much. But with this milestone, it’s worth…

The Grind 85 White Belt Wonderland

The Grind 85 White Belt Wonderland

The disorientation of being initiated Two weeks ago, I decided to start a new journey. Something I had been mulling over for a while. I started practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Four years ago, I began practicing Hapkido and a year ago earned my first degree Black Belt. I love Hapkido and intend to continue…

The Grind 84 Jedi Training

The Grind 84 Jedi Training

The arbitrage of not giving a damn Last week I took some time away from my standard work schedule to work on some creative projects and reflect. While doing so, I couldn’t help but see things in the context of next year. 2020 is looking like a great year for me. I spent a ton…

The Grind 83 Imaginary Lines

The Grind 83 – Imaginary Lines

The engine of happiness My father recently turned 82 years old. He has lived an incredible life. Quite frankly, I marvel at any African American who was born in the 30s or before who is still alive and well. The shifts in society they lived through are hard for me to imagine. The progress they…

The Grind 82 What Did You Expect

The Grind 82 What Did You Expect?

Emotions don’t care about what’s fair It’s Fall. It’s getting darker, earlier. The temperature is dropping, and the holiday season is upon us. In conversations these days, we ask questions of ourselves and others that are both reflective and forecasting. “How has the year gone?” “What are we doing for the holidays?” “Any big plans…

The Grind 81 Decisions Vs Judgments

The Grind 81 Decisions Vs Judgments

We’re not robots; we’re humans. Last week was a great week for me, work-wise. It was a week of long days working on a big vision with great people. The week wrapped up on Friday morning, and I went to see my hairstylist Ebonee to get my hair done. While sitting in Ebonee’s chair in…

The Grind 80 Maturity Matters

The Grind 80 Maturity Matters

Tell it like it is When I was six years old and in the 2nd grade, I rode home on a small private bus that my parents hired. The bus dropped me off at my grandmother’s house on St. Johns Place in Brooklyn. St. Johns is a very wide street for New York City, with…