"The state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous."

- 1st definition, Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

This philosophy prioritizes being happy and healthy over being prosperous when referring to Well-being. It should be abundantly clear to us now that without our health, we have nothing. We are also being forced to remember what truly makes us happy; gratitude. Our Creative Power is very much affected by our well-being. 

Well-being is a creative's most important asset.



The Grind 82 What Did You Expect

The Grind 82 What Did You Expect?

Emotions don’t care about what’s fair It’s Fall. It’s getting darker, earlier. The temperature is dropping, and the holiday season is upon us. In conversations these days, we ask questions of ourselves and others that are both reflective and forecasting. “How has the year gone?” “What are we doing for the holidays?” “Any big plans…

The Grind 81 Decisions Vs Judgments

The Grind 81 Decisions Vs Judgments

We’re not robots; we’re humans. Last week was a great week for me, work-wise. It was a week of long days working on a big vision with great people. The week wrapped up on Friday morning, and I went to see my hairstylist Ebonee to get my hair done. While sitting in Ebonee’s chair in…

The Grind 78 Turning Plateaus into Basecamps

The Grind 78 Turning Plateaus into Basecamps

The peak is not the peak. I need to lose 15 pounds. Do those words make you feel anything? Depending on your relationship with bodyweight, maybe you felt nothing. Perhaps you felt an urge to encourage me. Maybe you were triggered in some negative way. Those six words weigh more than the 15 pounds they…


Practicing Purpose # 10: "Caterpillar Soup"

Real change is soooo uncomfortable. Sometimes you don’t even want to talk when you are going through it. So what happens when you are committed to writing and recording and sharing every week of your life? You get this episode of Practicing Purpose in which I tell Isaac all about Caterpiller Soup LOL. Listen to…


Practicing Purpose Ep. 8 – "Choosing Greatness Over Safety"

When we are inspired to do something great and brave, what drives the fear that stops us? Often, it is a fear of what others will do to us. Speaking our truth, especially today, could be costly. But what’s worse… facing others or not being true to ourselves? In Episode 8 of Practicing Purpose, Issac…


Practicing Purpose Ep. 7 – "The Real Math of Long Term Commitments"

Today Issac and I discuss how we would benefit from a better equation on the effort and time long term commitments required to be successful. Whether romantic, business or civic, we often underestimate just how hard it will be to commit to something for the long haul. Listen to “Practicing Purpose Ep. 7 – “The…


Practicing Purpose Ep. 6 – "Make Space, Hold Space, Slow Down, Listen"

The benefit of hosting the #CreativePower Hour is that I get to provide a space for the “strong friends” to share their story in a relaxed, unrushed space. It has now shown me over and over how important it is for us to do this for each other. It’s one of the greatest ways that…


The Grind 70: Befriending the Unknown

It will still take us. With all that we have learned as humans, there is one thing we still know very little about, and that’s death. We know it is a universal experience. It is not limited to humans. All the other animals on Earth that are born experience death. Plants experiences death. The stars…


Practicing Purpose #5 – Discover Your Demons

A series presented by Marcus Whitney’s Audio Universe all about Marcus working through his purpose which is to inspire good people to develop their self-efficacy. Co-hosted by Isaac Addae. In this episode, Marcus and Isaac dive deep on the quote: You must first find the courage and compassion to find your demons before you can…

Copy of Copy of The Power of Less (6)

The Grind 69 The Great Imbalance

It’s not about good or bad. It’s about balance. Sometimes we don’t have to figure it all out. Sometimes we just have to be genuine in our desire to grow and open to receive the wisdom that will change everything for us. This week was such a time for me. I’ve been observing some dissonance…

Copy of Copy of The Power of Less (5)

The Grind 68 Freshman Principles

It’s a Brave New World, Take This With You Last week I took my youngest son to his college orientation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville(UTK). These days college orientation is often a two-day affair, happens before move-in day and includes parents. After getting him checked into the dorm where he would be staying for…

Copy of Copy of The Power of Less (5)

The Grind 67 The Fear Behind The Anger

I’m Sorry The topic of mid life crisis has come up quite a bit in my social circles over the last six or so months. I haven’t initiated discussions on the topic because I wouldn’t call what I’m currently experiencing in life as a crisis, but the topic does make me reflect on what my…