"The state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous."

- 1st definition, Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

This philosophy prioritizes being happy and healthy over being prosperous when referring to Well-being. It should be abundantly clear to us now that without our health, we have nothing. We are also being forced to remember what truly makes us happy; gratitude. Our Creative Power is very much affected by our well-being. 

Well-being is a creative's most important asset.



The simple message for this week is to take care of yourself AND be thoughtful of others 2

Two Worlds 10: Holding Space

My friend, The rapid changes we are experiencing can only be understood if we have a sober view of the crisis we are facing. If we work together, we can minimize the damage to our world. If we do what we want as individuals, we will suffer unnecessarily. I asked my father of 83 years…

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Two Worlds 9: The Collective Hero

Hello hero, 2020 huh. I’d be surprised if you don’t know I live in Nashville, TN. Many of the readers of Two Worlds do as well.

Top Entrepreneur Thought Leaders In Nashville

Two Worlds 8: Rebound

Greetings, One of the inescapable aspects of our journey is the testing of our limits. You can be sure that on your path, circumstances will arise that will ask more of you, take more from you and usually give more to you in unique ways.

Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts Marcus Whitney Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour #39: Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour with a lifelong creative who has gone from career musician to founder of a plant-based, whole food brand scaling across the country. Ben Stix is a fascinating guy who has bootstrapped The BE-Hive, an incredibly successful food brand from the ground up. And I love his heart and his mission to make healthy…

Entrepreneurs that practice mindfulness

Two Worlds 6 – The Value of Dispassion

if you engage it consistently, it will move you towards your goal Greetings, Last week I went to a meditation retreat in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. It was a birthday gift from my wife Rachel that she thoughtfully chose after a few conversations we had about my resistance to take restorative time for…

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#CreativePower Hour #37: Alice Randall

The Art Is Its Own Reward. This week we return to the #CreativePower Hour with a creative soul who has lived an incredibly rich life and has her greatest work ahead of her, Alice Randall. Alice shares her incredible story about her upbringing in Detroit, her voyage to Washington DC as a child, her greatest…

How To Handle Hardship

Two Worlds 5 – Preparation for Trial

Hello Hero, I have a guarantee for you. You will encounter trials in your life. I have another guarantee for you. The ease with which you handle the trials you encounter will largely depend on how mentally prepared you are to handle challenging situations. As children, whether in the classroom, on the stage, or the…

How to move past your shortcomings

Two Worlds 3 – Why Me?

Before we begin, I know that yesterday was a hard day for many. It was hard for me. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. Yesterday touched so many of us because Kobe Bryant dared to live the most magnificent life he possibly could have. That effort, that commitment, made his life a legendary one. Yet…

How to Find Time - Entrepreneurship Talk

Finding Time and Creating Space: Guest Appearance at Team Hiter

On this episode, I talk to Team Hiter about finding time and creating space. If you’re someone having a hard time managing your own time and focusing then this is the ultimate Masterclass for you.


The Grind 91 Fin

Fin. Today is my birthday. I’m 44 now. A year ago today, I had no idea how much The Grind would change my life, or help others navigate theirs. There is something about The Grind that resonated with people. Of course, there’s the title. Many people believe that life is nothing more than a grind.…

The Grind 90 Mind Body and Soul

The Grind 90 Mind, Body and Soul

Decide to transform I figured something out this year. I don’t know that anyone was lying to me. Still, somewhere along the line, I got the idea that money was the answer to most problems, and that making money always needed to be the priority. That was the mindset I had, and it seemed to…

The Grind 88 Let It Go

The Grind 88 Let It Go

I can’t play small anymore It’s time to admit that I don’t want to let go. I found a groove, and it’s comfortable. I found it here, in this newsletter to you every week. This was the place that I put down the burden of my shadows and allowed them to find sunlight. This is…