What’s good, my friend.

Lots happened this past week in my life. The Jumpstart team had a breakthrough all day off site meeting that will push us into and through a very big quarter ahead. In partnership with Oasis Center, The Unlikely Company’s Oasis Venture program graduated our first class of young entrepreneurs and it was a rousing success. And finally, DMD Soccer announced in a fantastic press conference that the name of Nashville professional soccer team will be Nashville FC, after receiving almost 95% approval vote from their membership.

Actually, that all happened within 48 hours.

At the end of it all, I was with the Jumpstart team (who came out to celebrate the soccer announcement with me, because they are a better team than I deserve) and we had some celebratory drinks. One of my team members asked me how it feels, and without hesitation I said “Just another day.”

Hehe. They didn’t accept that, but then I went on to explain. And I’ll tighten up that explanation a bit here…

Big celebrations like the press conference announcement for Nashville FC or the graduation for Oasis Venture are a lot of fun, and they are moments in which you can soak in all the progress that has been made. However in my experience, they usually are an in-between moment, not a breakthrough moment. Here’s what I mean…

For the people who worked so hard to get to these moments, the peak already happened. With regards to Oasis Venture, it was the moment that our team realized that only 20% of the students were going to drop out of the program, and that at least 5 of them had really solid business concepts that could be taken further.  With Nashville FC, it was getting the word that the members had overwhelmingly voted in favor of moving to the USL, after months of efforts from so many people. That moment took my breath away.

So while I had an amazing time at both of those celebrations, the brilliant moment of the week for me was actually at the Jumpstart all day off site meeting, where we had the entire team collaborating in a working session on five strategic initiatives. About halfway through that session, I could see light bulbs and smiles happening everywhere. It was a sense of alignment and clarity and purpose being infused into the team that I know will see them through our biggest quarter yet.

Hopefully there will be some big celebration of all that they will accomplish shortly, but for me, I believe it was a breakthrough moment. Those uncelebrated moments are the ones that hold the most meaning for me. The real recognition that months and years of hard work by so many, is actually going to work. That the belief was not in vain. That we weren’t crazy.

I’m grateful for it all though, and it was a banner week. One I’ll never forget. But hopefully not the last or biggest week of celebrations I experience.

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