Decide to transform

I figured something out this year.

I don’t know that anyone was lying to me. Still, somewhere along the line, I got the idea that money was the answer to most problems, and that making money always needed to be the priority. That was the mindset I had, and it seemed to resonate with most business folks I was around.

That way of thinking ran me straight into a brick wall last year.

After years and years of following the same formula, I never stopped to question what the driving force behind the successful acquisition of money was. I assumed it was all about hard work. I just figured it was the grind.

As we head into the last days of this year, I realize that the thing I most learned this year was how misleading that mindset is.

That’s not to say that hard work doesn’t work. That grinding isn’t valuable and sometimes necessary. It is undoubtedly part of the equation. However, grinding alone is not a sustainable approach. It doesn’t work for the long haul. Achieving a meaningful vision is a long haul proposition. The long haul requires strategic design.

When we acknowledge what we really are, then we can better design a route to our destination that matches and leverages our essence.

As humans, we are made of mind, body, and soul. That’s the essence.

Do we acknowledge that every day? Do we care for each of these parts of ourselves every day? Do we respect that each of these has a direct impact on our worldly success?

This year, I found a way to do that.

How? By putting money down the list in priorities.

I completely redesigned how I spend my time to make wellbeing THE priority. So much so that I made Wednesday a blackout day from work. It’s now my “Well-being Wednesday.” I’ve been able to protect it about 80% of the time, and this commitment has changed my life.

As you might expect, taking a full day off from work each week has consequences.

I made less money, personally, this year than any year this decade.

I also increased my net worth, personally, more this year than any year this decade.

I enhanced my mind, body, and soul this year more than any year this decade.

I changed the trajectory of my health dramatically.

I created more consistently and with more clarity this year than perhaps any year of my life.

I set up a year ahead that I couldn’t be more excited about.

I rewrote the rules in my life. And now, I’m ready to thrive by these new rules.

I figured out where Creative Power comes from.

And I’m ready to share it with anyone interested.

Now is a perfect time to decide to transform. A new world appears when we choose to cross the threshold out of the familiar into the uncharted. The good news is, the mind, body, and soul are willing to make the journey and show us how much we are really capable of.

One more issue of The Grind to go, then we move on, together.

Have a grateful day.

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