The first action the hero makes is the refusal of the call.

The refusal is the signal of the significant fear one must overcome to start the process of transformation. The first and most important thing we do on the way to greatness is change our minds.

No one constantly hurdles through life making brave decision after brave decision, one after another. When the significant moment arrives, we know its significant because our first response to the call is “no, not me.”

I went into my first therapy session in November of last year defiant. Yes, I walked through the door. Yes, I admitted that I was suffering. Yet I initially refused to accept the changes I would need to make to end my suffering.

That refusal was the sign that those changes would take me to an unfamiliar place that seemed more frightening than the state I was already in. As miserable as I was, at least I knew that misery. I was comfortable in my self-destructive state.

The only way to make it across the threshold is to change your mind. To perhaps become a hypocrite. That’s how I felt, initially, like a hypocrite who had lived life one way and would now have to admit that way was not THE way.

Our evolution depends on consistently crossing the threshold. And that means we are likely to consistently first refuse the call.

I am being called to step into my role as a guide. A mentor. And I don’t particularly like it. Mostly because I know some people won’t like it.

I’m anticipating people saying that I think I’m a “guru”.

That I’m full of shit.

But this is unavoidable. People WILL say those things. Just because they will say those things, doesn’t mean I get to avoid my next journey.

It is precisely because the calling is so uncomfortable that I know it’s my next adventure. It’s so uncomfortable that I want to refuse to do it.

But there is nowhere left to go.

So as I step into this new role, here’s what’s happening in my heart.

First, as it always does, acceptance of my purpose melts away the concern of critics.

Second, in place of that concern is a sincere empathy for those who are currently refusing the call to adventure.

Third, I have an immense gratitude for the few that confirm my journey and allow me to be a guide to them on theirs.

And so here we go. Two more episodes of the Grind to go, this year.

It’s tricky to make this transition, but I feel protected and guided with the wind underneath me. I just have to take the next step.

Have a grateful day.

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