Happy Sunday my friend,

This is the last Grind newsletter I will send for at least a month.

I also will not be doing anymore Create and Orchestrate videos for at least a month.

Why? Because I can see the finish line with Create and Orchestrate, the book, and I’m in focus mode.

Last year this time, After many conversations with entrepreneurs, I started writing what I thought was the book many of you backed. By January, after cranking through about 30,000 words, I knew I had no idea where the book was really going. I also hated what I read after I put it down for a week. It was depressing.

I spoke with some accomplished authors in January when I was pretty low, and they told me that generally speaking, it takes at least a year to write anything great. Apparently you usually write an entire bad book before you write a good one. I missed that memo in my first timeline.

Also, there was this issue of ‘voice’. I hadn’t ever thought about it before, but when you read a book, there is a voice speaking the words to you as you read. Great authors have a great voice. My voice in my first attempt was not so great.

So I sat down with Jacob, told him I’m not ready to finish the book, and we plotted to create a YouTube show and a newsletter called The Grind to work through the creative blocks and find a path to a great book. Over the last year we have created 70 videos and 41 newsletters. You have allowed me the time and space to flesh both my voice and my philosophy out, and to become a better writer.

In late October, I could feel that I was ready to re-approach the book with all the new words, voice and clarity, but it was overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start or end it. How to build it. What to keep and what to leave out. I needed a partner to help with that.

I reached out to Claire Gibson, a freelance writer based in Nashville, and asked if she would read the 100K words I had and help me find the book in there. What she did was nothing short of a miracle. We now have the outline for the book. It’s solid, I’m very satisfied with it, and I believe it will be far better than anything I would have released early this year or on my own without her help.

Claire is staying on as editor and project manager, and we are going to knock this thing out. I’m thrilled. Here is a sneak peak at the outline. It may change slightly in the coming weeks, but only slightly. I believe this is the book I was inspired to write two years ago.

So wish me luck, as I work towards completion. This has been by far one of the most humbling journeys I’ve ever been on, but I am grateful that I embarked on it. I want to thank Jacob for his incredible support and partnership, even down to naming the book. Thanks to Claire for jumping in at the right time and helping me frame this project up. And thanks to you for your encouragement.

Heads down for now… see you when I can call myself an author. Hopefully in January.

Thank you.


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