Happy Sunday my friend,

Weeks like last week kinda suck.

I spent the whole week feeling “in between”. Maybe you know what this is like.

I’m coming off of a really good week. Just a couple of things that happened…

Oasis Venture announced a partnership with Google Fiber to teach young aspiring entrepreneurs how to run their businesses on G Suite (formerly Google Apps). I got to speak to the Tennessee Government Leadership Conference and received a TN state flag that was flown over the capitol building in my honor.

I’m supposed to be super happy right!? Right!

But no… I was sorta down this week. Nothing bad, but my mood didn’t quite match the success I was experiencing.  Here’s my theory on why:

Success doesn’t equal happiness when you’re not driven by success, but by ambition. It’s a weird statement… aren’t success and ambition intimately tied? Maybe.

But I spend more time thinking about what I haven’t achieved than what I have. And when I have a week like last week, with lots of “success”, it has the potential to really make me think what I’ve done is significant, yet insufficient.

That’s where I feel “in between.” Yeah… I’ve done some things. But you don’t even wanna hear the things I want to get done. Or maybe you do 🙂

Here’s the point. Too much striving can leave us exhausted. And we can get to a point where our ambition feels insatiable and real success feels unattainable. If you are driven, there is likely little you can do to stop the drive, but you can’t let it control your focus. Our focus drives our mood.

Focus on what you’ve accomplished. Focus on rest. Focus on fun. Balance your focus. Because when you don’t and you get in the “in between” place, your mood actually isn’t going to help you meet your ambition with your best self.

Once again teaching what I need to learn, hoping it’s helpful for you. Have a great week my friend.

To avoiding the “in between”… on the Grind


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