Today, I’m thinking about balance.

I’m in South Beach with my best friends from college. We get together here semi-regularly to recharge and make sure our collective bond stays strong. I usually spend half the time I’m here thinking about how lucky I am to have them in my life. I live pretty far from them but we talk daily on GroupMe. We are a team, a really strong one.

I usually think about teams in terms of sports or work, but these trips remind me that in life, if we are lucky, we have personal teams that enrich us and reinforce our purpose in life. When I talk to a lot of founders, I ask them if they have a group that they belong to that helps them outside of the day to day stuff. So many say no and that always bothers me. Maybe everyone doesn’t need one but man have they been critical to my founder’s journey.

Even though this group doesn’t work with me, the recharge I get from spending time with them can’t be replaced with anything else. I’m ready to crush everything in front of me when I get back.

So I’ve got a simple suggestion. Prioritize balance.

Take inventory of your teams and be sure to nurture those relationships that feed your spirit. I believe it’s an X-factor in your performance.

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