Context: This was written in response to the June 12th act of terror in Orlando, Florida. 

Hello my friend,

There is no way to make sense of indiscriminate hate. There is no way to find good in the pointless destruction of lives and families at the hands of terror. We have seen it over and over again in history, and now in America we are regularly seeing it in a particularly atrocious form.

We can, however, work to stop these things from happening. We should not accept that this is just how it has to be.

It is my sincere hope that if you chose to receive this note from me each week, that you share these beliefs with me: That the world can be made better by our actions. That all fate is not sealed. That our gifts and talents are only blessings when we exercise them for the betterment of the world.

That’s really what The Unlikely Company and Create and Orchestrate is about. Business is just a discipline by which we can create sustainable good in the world.

I too mourn for those I don’t know, but who could just have easily been me. All of America should mourn, and then resolve together to create solutions to end this constant, ruthless, inhuman sin being committed against our community.

Your brother,


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