You’re already doing lots of amazing things. You and I both know that. But that doesn’t mean you are satisfied with your performance or that you are meeting your expectations.

I certainly am not.

Sometimes when that happens, the only thing to do is blow everything up, like my partner Jacob said in his most recent article.

And sometimes… the answer is to take some space, and look for the small tweaks. I’ve done both during my life.

Right now is not a time for reinvention for me. I love who I’m becoming and the things I’m building. But there are a couple of areas in my life where I’m pretty dissatisfied. I haven’t been able to really address these areas though, because I’ve been slammed. Health:Further kicked my butt. In a good way, but still…

So now that the event is over,  I spent this weekend reflecting on these areas and how I can adjust things slightly to get over some humps. And what I’ve come up with is a complete game changer for The Unlikely Co. It was here the whole time, but I was in one of those stormy seasons that we all go through for the last two months, and I couldn’t see two feet in front of me, strategically.

I just went through and organized a new dashboard for all the properties and found some incredible data that shows a really big opportunity we have. We need to focus though, and tweak things a little to take advantage of it.

When was the last time that you looked at your business, your health, your relationships, and looked for the small tweaks that could make a massive difference? When we get frustrated, we can forget that we are mostly on track, but we have the slightest bit of misalignment that is causing us to fall short of our goals.

I bet you’re doing better than you think. Give yourself some credit today. Take a breather, and think about a small tweak that can give you the full benefit of your hard work.

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