Even when we know it’s right, commitment can be scary.

I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend.

I love the vibe during Easter / Passover weekend. I find myself thinking about greatness and how one leaves a mark on humanity worthy of remembrance.  Not that one should do something great in order to be remembered, but rather being remembered is a by-product of doing something great. Greatness stands out. Greatness is legendary. And greatness is uncommon.

As I thought about this over the weekend, I was confronted with a truth about myself.

In my own view, I have not yet become great. And I know exactly why.

It’s because I haven’t committed to my life’s purpose.

Now the idea that one should even have a single life’s purpose is a very scary idea. Who wants to be limited like that? I know the thought on the surface makes me uncomfortable. But let’s rightsize this a bit.

There are an estimated 7.7 billion people in the world right now. If I asked you to name 100 truly great people, you might have a hard time. And when you did name them, you would most often say each one was for a single reason that they were great, not a long list of reasons.

It’s very difficult to be truly great at one thing, let alone several things. So we might consider being ok with the idea of our life’s purpose being a singular thing. It doesn’t mean that we have to limit our life experiences around that single purpose, but rather that when we set out to do our life’s work, we can better focus and execute because we know exactly what it is and why we are doing it.

For the last twenty years, my primary goal in life was to raise my children and create financial stability for my family. That was a solid goal, but it was not a life’s purpose.

A purpose is not a goal. A purpose is the reason one does what one does. I haven’t been willing to commit to a purpose, because I didn’t have one that I believed in enough to commit to. And that’s totally fine.

It took 43 years for me to achieve what the image at the top of this newsletter illustrates. The convergence of something I’m really good at, something I love, something the world needs AND something I can get paid for. Thankfully, I believe that time is now here.

Note: This image is a visualization of a concept called Ikigai

In the last issue of The Grind, I said:

I’m passionate about (and experienced in) the intersection of entrepreneurship, well-being, innovation and drive. I bundle these four topics into the term “Creative Power” to integrate and show the connectedness between them. For me the work of integrating and connecting these four things IS The Grind.

When I wrote those words, it was like the chamber of a lock in my head and heart started to turn at the same time. That moment when something clicks and you see the world differently. I hope you’ve had that moment before and know the feeling I’m talking about.

This was a big click.

Two days later, I sat down to write my life’s purpose. I had done this before, and always come up with some super cheesy shit that I didn’t buy, so it never stuck. This time, while it may be cheesy, I buy it 1000%. Here it is:

My life’s purpose is to Inspire good people to develop their self-efficacy.

That’s it. That’s what I’m here to do. That’s the reason. I’m here to inspire people to deepen their belief in themselves to accomplish their goals.

I care so much about people’s belief in themselves. I see a deficit of it far too often, and when I see it, it almost always effects my mood. And if you’ve been reading The Grind… you know that a bad mood drives me to action.

My challenge now is to intentionally and consistently act in alignment with my purpose. Which by the way, is a tremendous antidote to the many fears that stop us from becoming great.

Having said that, I have noticed that since I locked in on my purpose, all the scary things started to flare up.

For example, I need to create and distribute a lot more content than I am now in service of my purpose.

And I’ll tell you a secret.

The reason why I haven’t created and published as much as I’m capable of is because I’m scared of what other people think. Maybe not as scared as other people to do this, but still scared.

Here’s what living in my purpose for just a few days is doing. It’s helping me embrace that fear. It’s showing me that my fear is totally reasonable, it’s just not honest. I’m not scared of other people. I’m scared of myself. I’m scared of finally becoming great. I’ve been good enough for a long time now. I have no idea what truly great will be like, and that’s scary.

I’ve seen living on purpose change my impact in a recent conversation with some of my best friends. I’ve already seen it with The Grind this year. It’s a complete game changer, but it’s scary and I think it’s supposed to be. The idea of really committing to it is scary, and I think that’s a good sign that I’m on the right track.

So what about you? Have you already locked in your purpose? If so, congrats!!

Or are you still in the process of uncovering it?

I’d love to hear where you are on this journey. Send me a quick note about it if you’re inspired to.

Thanks for listening and helping me fulfill my purpose. Now go get yours.

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