How’s it going?

Last week, my capacity and priorities were challenged.

One of my teams made it clear that a missing critical role was having a significant impact on the work we were doing. And there wasn’t any shuffling of roles that was going to fix it. We’d tried that a couple of times, didn’t work.

While there wasn’t a direct ask from them as to what was going to be done about it, it was (as much as I could tell) laid at my feet to resolve. Which was fair, because I’m the owner.

So I went through a mental review of what could be done and pretty quickly came to the decision that I would need to step in and fill in this missing role for a period of time. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best possible outcome given available resources.

But where was I going to get the time to do it from? I was already at full capacity! I can’t just make time up from thin air. But I am responsible for resolving this, in a realistic way.

So here’s what I did…

I went into my calendar and found every meeting for the next 60 days that wasn’t mission critical. It tallied up to 20meetings. I sent those meetings to my assistant and had her reschedule them all for after August, with apologies to the folks and citing a need to focus for 60 days.

I also have put a ban on meetings for the next 60 days that aren’t absolutely mission critical. And now I have the time I need to take on this task.

If you are one of the folks I had to reschedule with, I’m really sorry. I’m sure the meeting was important to you.

Sometimes you have to make these kinds of hard, sweeping decisions to show yourself where your priorities lie. Also, if you lead a team, it helps to demonstrate your commitment and that you are responsible.

If you are going to lead an effort, sometimes you will get smacked in the face with a scenario that you didn’t plan for. In those moments, your ability to respond quickly and effectively will largely be a result of your own clear priorities and willingness to make hard decisions that everyone won’t like. It sucks to do it, but it’s very hard to accomplish great things and make everyone happy.

So my question for you is, what are you doing right now to please someone else, that is actually holding you back from achieving your big goals? And why won’t you address it?

We’ve all got those things. And we can all be better about exercising our power to prioritize against those things and achieve our goals.

Take a step in that direction this week. You’ll feel empowered and better about your commitment to success.

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