Happy Sunday my friend,

I hope you did a better job than I did of celebrating Halloween this weekend. It totally snuck up on me, I’ve got so much on my plate and I just didn’t get around to pulling a costume together.

We all have these choices we have to make around where we invest. Our time, our money, our focus. The things I choose (most of the time) to invest in I measure in terms of impact and influence. These are the things I care most about. This year Halloween just didn’t make the cut on impact and influence so I didn’t get to it. I’ll do better next year.

I was hanging out with a new friend on Friday who was telling me about the design of his business, and it’s really streamlined. He has no employees, just outsourced partners. This allows him to have a lot of time to live his life as he chooses and knowing him, I believe a lot of that time is spent on things that benefit the community.

I on the other hand, had just finished a normal Friday at Jumpstart, otherwise known as one-on-one day. I had 30 minute meetings with seven team members and lunch with my partner. Those days can be exhausting, engaging with the team and ensuring that I’m giving them the support and clarity they need to be successful. But every time I do it, I feel fulfilled and know that our organization is a little bit stronger than it was the day before.

The work we do at Jumpstart is ambitious work. We strive to make an impact on the world and to influence people to be bold, creative, hard working but also have a lot of fun. That work is inside-out work, you can’t just say it, you have to live it. That means, before impacting and influencing the whole world, we must impact and influence ourselves and our teammates.

Jumpstart isn’t designed in a streamlined way. It doesn’t scale all that well, yet. It’s hard. It takes a lot of effort. It has taken a big investment of time and energy so far and we are nowhere close to being able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But this work will endure. It is of significant impact and influence. It will change healthcare for the next 100 years if we don’t give up. And I could never do something like that with no employees.

There is no right way to design a business. There are endless versions. It’s all about determining what matters to you. For some, freedom of time and a healthy income are the goals. For me, it’s simply about impact and influence, nothing else even comes close.

I’m writing this note this week for me, because sometimes I really would like an easier path with more immediate payoff and less responsibility. Maybe you feel that way sometimes too. Some of us are just cursed to care too much about the impact and influence our work has on the world. If that’s you, be encouraged. Our payoff is coming, and it will all have been worth it.

To impact and influence… the only reason I Grind,


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