Happy Sunday my friend,

This was a particularly wonderful Thanksgiving season for my family and I. I hope it was for you as well.

There is always more that we can do to stand in our power. So much of our power is in our potential. These seasons of downtime, gratitude and community have a way of making me more optimistic. I needed this season.

You know, you can be so much more than you currently think you can be. We all can. We are all one good book away from transforming how we think, and thus how we act. We are one civil but expansive conversation away from tapping into a whole new world of views and perspectives.

Our power is in our potential and our excitement around tapping into it, transforming ourselves and therefore transforming the world around us.

Hold onto your feeling of gratitude and face this week with excitement about the truth that you can still be more powerful than you think you can right now. Learn something, practice something, read something besides a social news feed, have a healthy conversation about something.

Feed yourself this week and give us the gift of a better you.

To the gift of potential… on the Grind,


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