I hope you were able to capture at least a bit of the Olympics over the last two weeks. I know in my house, everyone gets a little more inspired to get in shape, compete and find a new level of willpower after watching elite athletes from around the world participate in completely obscure sporting events that we seem to only care about once every four years. I love it.

There are so many lessons embedded in the Olympics, but one that sticks out to me is the amount of dedicated time you have to put into anything (regardless of how obscure it is) to be great at it.

A longtime friend of Jacob’s and a new-ish friend of mine visited Nashville last week and I got to have lunch with him. He was giving me some feedback on the show and our approach in general. He asked me “When did you get the confidence to do what you are doing?” I hadn’t been asked that question before, but I quickly knew what the answer was. One year ago.

It was one year ago that I completed my first successful year as President at Jumpstart Foundry. It was also the 7th year anniversary of my resignation from Emma and beginning of my entrepreneurial career.

It took me 7 years to develop the confidence to start The Unlikely Company. 7 years of mistakes, tough experiences, very long days, company shutdowns, product embarrassments, management failures and irreparably damaged relationships to get to a point of confidence that I could have something valuable to offer the aspiring entrepreneur.

I don’t talk about that enough. So thanks James Ellis for reminding me that it’s important for people to know that.

If you aren’t confident yet, keep your head down and keep moving forward. It doesn’t all make sense right now, but just keep plugging away. There is no replacement for that work. No YouTube video, no ebook, no webinar and no online course can substitute for you dedicating significant time at your craft, no matter how obscure it is. Hubris-free confidence comes from a deep knowing of your capabilities, and that can’t be artificially created.

So all my shows and emails and other stuff… it’s just a vitamin. It ain’t the workout. That’s all on you my friend. I’ll keep doing my part… we’re all counting on you to keep doing yours.

To the long path to confidence… on the Grind.

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