Doubt is a tireless foe.

There are so many reasons that our minds can conjure up to drive us to inaction.

All humans are subject to bias. Recognizing this, consistently, can help us better manage our relationships with others as well as be more effective in business with others. But what about the biases within ourselves? How do we deal with those biases in our relationship with our self and in the process of managing ourselves in our own businesses?

Admission: I am coming out of a phase of doubt. Even though I’ve had consistent confirmation from those of you who have seen my TEDx talk, or those of you who backed my kickstarter campaign last June/July, there is a section of the book that I’ve been very doubtful about. I didn’t think I’d done enough research to be able to say the things I want to say. But I was reminded yet again this week that this doubt and this fear was more irrational than the idea that I should delay writing this important section of the book.

And how ironic that it’s the section about belief.

There are so many paradoxes about belief, especially when it comes to business. Many lean startup methodologies and talent assessment frameworks (like StrengthsFinder) tell us that we should play to our strengths and believe little without proof. I agree with this skeptical approach in many cases, but the creative process is not one of them. I do not believe that when we set out to create, we can afford to only do that which we know with 100% certainty, or that which we are strong in. We must venture out into the unknown, the uncomfortable, where we don’t know how we will perform.

To create is to bring something into existence. If that something is important, the process of creation should and will be difficult. The fuel for making it through the creative process is belief. And here’s the trick…

Because the thing you are creating doesn’t exist yet, only those who share your vision (usually very few) will believe in it. Sometimes, you won’t even believe in it. Because it doesn’t exist yet. That’s why forging ahead with the process, focusing on your vision and sustaining your belief is so important.

I reaffirm to you today that I believe this work is important, and I believe I’m qualified to write this very important book. And now I’m signing off to do that work.

To your belief… and to your grind,


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