I don’t know why the world works this way, but it always seems that our dreams collide with other peoples if they are big enough. And in those collisions we experience competition for the realization of our dreams. Sometimes, you understand that competition is required, and sometimes you wonder why collaboration can’t be the model.

Sometimes, people behave in ways that seems to be disingenuous or even malevolent. It can be frustrating to deal with.

When I look back on the dream competitions I’ve had throughout my life, in reflection I can see a couple of things:

  • The other person / team had to have seen me in a similar way. Annoyed that I was getting in the way of their dream.
  • I was proud when I didn’t allow a competitor’s poor behavior to dictate how I would behave, and ashamed when I abandoned my integrity just to win or get revenge.
  • The stiffer the competition, the more significant the dream.

It’s important that we remember that almost anything worth doing will attract others to do it as well. Competition molds us. It puts pressure on us to act with composure, to prioritize our efforts and to sacrifice for our goals. And it creates one helluva story. How boring would it be if you just glided right into all of your successes.

I’m going to enter this week grateful for my competition. They sharpen me. They remind me that I am not them. They make the goal that my teammates and I are striving for that much more meaningful. And they give me an opportunity to take the high road.

I encourage you to have gratitude for your competition this week and see how it changes your mood as you get one step closer to your dream.

To the high road… on the Grind.

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