There must be something in the air…

I wouldn’t quite call it a crossroads, but I’m definitely on the verge of something big… personally.

I can tell because it’s been hard to get my focus away from how I’m living my life.  Things like how much sleep I’m getting, what I’m eating, how much I’m eating, how much I’m working, what I’m working on, who I’m spending time with etc.

This recent focus is illuminating some truths about myself that are inspiring me to make some changes. Change is life, change is growth, but as we’ve discussed here, change is often uncomfortable.

Throughout this process, I’ve been thinking about you. Yes you, the one reading this newsletter right now. I’m thinking about who you are and why you are reading this, and how much ‘who you are’ and ‘why you are reading this’ should influence what I write.

Let me share a little bit about you in the context of this newsletter. You are one of (currently) 1080 subscribed members of my newsletter community. Since you are reading this, you are one of about 500 people who in the last 30 days have actually opened a newsletter. Many of you are friends of mine and are probably just here to keep up with me and support me, and I appreciate that.

Many of you backed my Kickstarter for Create and Orchestrate, and I appreciate that as well.

Some of you have worked with me at one point or another, or may work with me now.

Some of you found me from a speaking engagement or word of mouth or some news article.

Some of you are in one of the industries that I work in (healthcare, soccer or venture capital).

And some of you subscribed for none of the above reasons.

Regardless of how you got here, thank you very much for being a subscriber.

As you can see, there isn’t just one you in the context of this newsletter. And I’ve been obsessing lately about how to make this valuable for you. A bit maddening to be honest.

So I’m coming to terms with a few things about my ambitions for The Grind and my relationship with you through my content.

In The Grind, I write about what I’m most passionate about. Something I call “Creative Power”.

As much as I’d like this to be for everyone, it’s not. Nothing is.

I’m passionate about (and experienced in) the intersection of entrepreneurship, well-being, innovation and drive. I bundle these four topics into the term “Creative Power” to integrate and show the connectedness between them. For me the work of integrating and connecting these four things IS The Grind.

Thank you for subscribing before I got entirely clear on what I would talk about here. I totally understand if you unsubscribe because “Creative Power” doesn’t line up with what you thought you’d be getting by signing up. Or if you’re just tired of me, I get that too 🙂

I pledge that going forward, I’m going to be much more focused on Creative Power in my content.

This has been a rather selfish (thinking out loud) edition of The Grind, so let me try to directly offer you a though for the week from it:

We can’t be all things to all people.

We know that intellectually, but in practice we don’t always hold the line on that. Sometimes, introspection and coming to terms with what we both love and have a unique expertise and/or talent for will help us to understand what things we should focus on being, and then we can communicate that to the world and find the people who really want and need that from us.

Creative Power is most effective when it is pure and precise.

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