Today’s guest on #MWL is James Viscardi. We discuss the evolution of online media and the comic book pop culture takeover.

James has some great experience in this field, and as we're all itching to get back to the movies, this kind of industry insight can hold us off for just a little while longer!

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what's up happy monday hope everybody's

doing well out there

first episode of marcus whitney live of

the week and i'm bringing in my

uh new friend but we've gotten along uh

very well in a very short period of time

we uh we we've been

able to sit back on patios and smoke

some cigars and and

enjoy some awesome conversations have a

lot in common both being from

uh new york um and both doing a lot of

stuff in online media and

you know this guy has what i would

consider to be kind of a dream job

uh you know he he gets to every day work

and learn

and and uh and create community around

uh one of his great passions in life so

uh without further ado uh my friend jim

viscardi jim what's good man



what an intro i can't ask for something

better than that holy moly



that's what i do that's what i do for my

people man that's what i do for my


uh no great great to have you on the

show man thanks so much for for doing it

and uh you know we haven't been able to

uh smoke cigars for a little bit i was

busy with the book launch last week i

know you've been busy

uh fourth weekend all that good stuff

but great to get you on the show



absolutely i'm glad to be here it's

gonna be fun



let's just jump right in and tell me how

does somebody

get your job you know what i mean

how does that happen 



so so the road my

road to

is uh is an interesting one because

it was a thing for a very long time so

my first job out of college was doing

marketing and pr

for marvel comics and i thought that's


i'm out of college i've got my dream job

i don't need to do

anything else i have peaked yeah at 21.

hell yeah

i'm going to be here i'm going to ride

it out and it's going to be awesome

and you know but i was marvel is based

out of new york and i was living in new

york and you know i

just graduated college and so and it was

right after

uh the economy tanked right and so i was


so i went to i went to pace university

and so many of my friends were all

business majors and things like that and

like they were all struggling to

to find jobs and i happened to luck into

a marketing and com job because

uh it was one of those things where even


school i had the opportunity to do


and i had friends who were serial


where they were like you know we had the

opportunity to do four basically over

our course time and they interned at

four different places

uh that they didn't really care about

they they cared because it was an

internship and they're like oh great i'm

getting the experience

i was i was way more methodical about

what i wanted to do like i'm like i'm

not i don't just want to intern

anywhere i'm in new york right and so

you know the bar is already pretty high

but so many of the brands that that i


and i'm passionate about are all here

yeah so why not

pick one and really go for it and so

it was funny because i was uh i i

had always been a fan of superheroes and

whatever growing up the 90s cartoons the

batman cartoon spider-man cartoon

all that stuff i loved i wasn't really a

comics fan

until uh they killed captain america and

it was on the front page of the daily

news and i was like

they did what and i and i

hauled my butt over to midtown comics i


i bought the issue and i picked up a

bunch of stuff that was kind of

happening all around the same time

although they had a big event civil war

was going on and

uh and i i got hooked and i was in so

then i started then i started to follow

some podcasts and this was like the very

early days of podcasts there weren't

that many

uh and you know even the ones that there

were there were not a lot of great ones

but yeah fortunately there was one

uh you know that was that were they were

it was run by

some hometown guys on long island as the

ifanboy podcast

and i loved it and they happened

to interview the

marketing and pr person from marvel at

the time and i said

so i just shot them an email i said hey

i'm a

college junior i need to i need an

internship can you put me in touch with

jim mccann who who you spoke to on the


and they were like well look let's get

back to you because we just want to ask

him before we put you in touch but yeah


they did i did some interviews and that

was the only place i entered they

interned all four of my available

semesters at marvel

wow they um i you know i loved it so

much that

when i graduated i graduated right

as disney was about to buy the company

and so there was a hiring freeze

and so it's like i just spent you know

four semesters interning at this company

and now there's a hiring freeze and

they're like we like you we really want

to bring you on

we can't hire anyone right now and i was

just like oh what am i going to do

i had a i had a retail job i could have

fault you know that i

fell back on for a little bit to kill

some time it was uh i was working at

build-a-bear workshop and their flagship


on 5th avenue and i was running their

party business it was a ton of fun i got

to do

a ton of things and i was like oh no my

life is going to become

like i'm just going to be working the

retail space for the rest yeah yeah what

am i going to do

fortunately the you know i waited long

enough i pestered them long enough they

brought me on

and it was awesome like being at marvel

at that time

i i think set me up for everything that

i was able to do when i inevitably got

to because

marvel at this point had not yet


iron man 1. wow a pipe dream

it was a it was a here is this thing

that we've got

it's you know so much was riding on it

so to be able to see the very early days

of marvel studios and

and see how like that was going to you

know affect the whole rest of the

company was

was phenomenal right and then

social media hadn't really been a thing

myspace was the big thing wow

and i had start when i had started at

marvel and we were

and it was just about to transition out

into twitter and then facebook started

to get really big and so i so a lot of

what i did was a lot of

brand building on those platforms at a

very early stage

for what inevitably became a 4.4 billion

dollar company when disney bought it

and so and so like there was so much of


entrepreneur entrepreneurial spirit

there where you know

look i most of my days were spent

marketing comic books and that was a

dwindling you know

it was a it was still a big market but

it was dwindling a little bit here and


and sort of to figure out how to to sell

that stuff and market that stuff

i had to do we had to do some crazy

stuff everything from you know creating

uh you know myspace profiles for for

some superheroes or some villains or


come up with some some weird viral

marketing campaigns um

it was was just a ton of fun so that all


and i basically got to a point where uh

my wife and i decided you know we wanted


start a family and wasn't really we

didn't think new york was going to be it

for us and so we wanted to

land somewhere she ended up uh

she was working at food network at the

time which was another uh

dream job thing for her yeah you guys

are doing pretty good yeah we were doing

all right right yeah

uh she ended up getting a job

opportunity uh in nashville and we went

to visit and we said oh this is awesome

and fortunately the salary was enough

that we were going to be able to kind of

figure it out

and uh you know i figured i'd freelance

i'd do whatever

uh and then uh you know i happened to

luck out that i happened to get a

marketing gig at ingram kind of at the

same time and so

we we left new york moved to nashville


as it turns out uh

on on my press list was uh the

the owner of who at the time the owner

of was a guy by the name

of joe blackmon

and he had worked with uh shannon terry

uh in the during shannon's rival days

here in nashville

uh shannon was brought on as um you know

a partner and owner of comic book they

they reached out to me and they said

hey we're doing this thing we're

starting you know if we want to grow it or

you know are you into it

and yeah having been on the other side

of the fence

you know for for so long it's like oh

you know

is there only so much that we can do you

know in this space was this really the

the the right move for me

and so i i you know i did a bit of work

with them for a little bit and

i saw like there was the proof was in

that pudding like it was going to be a

rocket ship

and this was and this was at a period of

time where

the uh you know superhero movies were


and superhero television was like arrow

had just come out

the walking dead was season two it just

kind of hit and that was when

you know the series really started to

take off and so we looked at the site

and we said okay

there's got to be a niche we can fill

in this space and there's got to be a

specific audience out there that we need


we need to figure out and we did it was

basically there were a bunch of sites

that were

die-hard comic book sites right that

were that you know

that were great and then they were and

then there was uh you know the

the hollywood space right where it was

just move websites based off

uh tvs and movies and whatever and there


people were starting to cover the

superhero stuff but no one lived and

breathed it right

uh on a day-in day-out basis and so that

was the hole that we filled we were the

i i always like to say comic book is new

geek friendly

in the sense that it has something for

someone who

at the end of the first avengers movie


wants to know more about that purple you

know bumpy chin guy at the end of the


uh but also provides that deep cut

here's what that means for the die hard

fan and so we were bringing we were


you know the casual fan who just you

know is just watching the movies with

die hard comic book fans

kind of together and figuring it out and

and it took a little bit time to

try and figure that out right where like

you didn't want to be too pandering

which you didn't want to go

to inside baseball but no but you knew

that there was

you were doing a service by doing both

right right

and and that and like and like that was

that was really the

the start of it and then so basically

what it was is

i you know being at marvel for as long

as i was i knew a bunch of people

uh you know on the studio side of the

fence and you know at disney and

whatever and

you know a bunch of the you know big

name comic creators who inevitably went

off to go do big things right you've got


creators like mark guggenheim who uh

started out you know

doing a lot of tv stuff and then came to

do a a ton of great comics work and then

went back to go

you know basically build the arrowverse

right and so there were a ton of

creators uh kind of coming in

and out where like you know there was a

period of time where comics wanted to

attract a lot of uh people from outside

of comics to come write stuff right so


uh you're kevin smith's and you're joss

whedon's and

you know all of them and so uh and then

vice versa there was a

you know like brian michael bendis and

scott snyder are all getting now

starting to get involved on

on the other side and so so it was a

the perfect opportunity for me to be

able to you know

use the network that i had built and and

say like like

and just kind of say what the mission of

comic book was and say this is what

we're trying to do

this is you know i would love for you to

to get involved anyway we'd love to help

promote your work and

uh you know and do whatever and so what

you know

the first couple years of comic book

were pretty we're very news driven

uh we were you know one of the things


anyone in our space will tell you is

anyone at is

fast whether we are breaking news

ourselves or we are reporting on some

you know aggregating some news elsewhere

if you want to know more about the thing

that is happening right now in the space

the homepage is where it's



There was also a big shift in

 how people were consuming digital

 content. They were

 um you know, there there will always be a

 time and a place for long-form editorial


 But, with the growing mobile market, and

 and facebook becoming the juggernaut it

 was, and twitter becoming you know as big

 as it was...

 uh you know people just didn't

 necessarily have the the time

 to want to read anything. They may read

 something and come back, but if you're... if

 I'm able to give them everything that

 they need,

 uh either in a in a story itself -walking

 from you know their desk to a meeting,

 or from or down... you know running an

 errand really quick,

 or going from one place to the other, in

 that story- than I've done then then I

 feel like we've done our job.

 If I can also give, if someone can also

 feel you know like they

 they are caught up enough by doing two

 or three swipes of our home page from

 their mobile device, and they feel like

 they're caught up,

 then then then I've done my job. And what

 that's done is that

 it's built a an endemic audience that

 knows that they can come to

 for anything and everything that's in

 our space that is

 uh that is up to date. And so that was,

 that was like the core

 you know the core of our of what we do.



And when did you guys... what year did you


 like start? What year did you guys get





  1. 14.



Wow, wow. Fast run.




 Yeah it was... I mean look. It was, this this

 took -look

 and it you know a ton of credit has to

 go to Shannon Terry who

 you know obviously rivals 247 sports-

 all of it like... he,

 dude is... he is a savant when it comes to

 seeing the trends, understanding the

 landscape, and and making it work. Yeah

 I have learned so much from him that it

 is just...

 uh you know he is someone I am I'm

 always asking questions to.

 He is so good at it, and

 and so you know, and we knew like and

 there was also a period of time where

 you know there there was a bit of a a

 Facebook boom where you know uh

 the platform was growing very very fast.

 And that that was where we kind of

 stuck our flag in uh for a little bit to

 say, “okay we're gonna

 you know um own this you know a little

 bit for us.”

 And and then and then you know we were

 able to kind of diversify a little bit.

 Right, so like

 you know there was only so much

 straight superhero stuff that we can

 cover, but we know that there's so much

 audience overlap with a number of

 different things that still kind of

 fit. And you see it

 when you go to comic-con… like

 comic-con is not

 just uh straight-up

 “cape comics” and superheroes.

 The world of comics has grown.

 Uh you've got you know the horror comics,

 fantasy comics, things like that.

 Not to mention there's a lot of uh

 studios who are who want that. Who want

 those eyeballs, and they want that

 audience because they know they're...

 it's a die-hard uh group of fans who are

 passionate about what they love.

 And so there's animation, and you start

 to see wrestling, and there's a ton of

 video game stuff that shows up there.

 And so and so we kind of expanded our

 our coverage lanes a little bit.

 We cover a ton of anime now. We cover a

 bunch of gaming. We cover a bunch of


 To me, wrestling -and I've you know, we've

 talked about this before- wrestling to me

 is live action comics. It's

 serialized storytelling.

 Good guys, bad guys. Uh you know, and

 it you it builds up to events. And then

 you kind of start by...

 it’s that has the same ebb and flow uh

 of all of that.

and so he said oh there's there's got to

be an audience there right so

and yeah and there is you know some of

the some of our readers are like oh you

know what does this have to do with

comic books but then you know the people


are reading uh that stuff appreciate the

fact that they can come to comic book

get that and get whatever the latest is

on green lantern




so so one one of the things i want to

you know get your perspective on is

someone who has built this

this media property but it's also

definitely a community

and sure there are two questions that i


one is about how you

maintain for the die hards right because


we have to talk about the fact that

comic books i mean

you you meant you mentioned how you uh

started at the right when iron man one

was about to happen

and now i mean comic books marvel

specifically have taken over hollywood

right it can't go anywhere i mean i mean

avengers end game it's the greatest

it's the best-selling movie of all time

right so so it's now at this point where

comic books are pop culture to a large

degree i mean i would say outside of


music and you know mostly like hip-hop

music right

like comic books are it and have

definitely been

this huge you know when i think about

what what drove disney plus

star wars and marvel right i mean those

those were the properties that drove

that that that platform not even the old

disney stuff right i mean

it was marvel and star wars right so

so um 


How do you maintain a

 a media property for die hards

 when, you know, this this thing -this comic

 book thing-

 is now absolutely mainstream? How how

 does that work?



It is look... what at the end of the day,

 none of this is possible without the

 comics, without the source material,


 um uh you know the...



The the actual books. The

 actual books… 



The day in day out grind

 um of uh of comics.



I think a lot of

 people don't

 -by the way- I think a lot of

 people don't necessarily understand that


 you know, these movies get you know


 And sure, and and for most of us -myself

 included- it's like we track the story on

 the screen,

 we don't track the story in the books. So

 we may not understand that what we're

 seeing on the screen

 is being driven by a smaller

 culture that is that is that is still




One of uh one of my favorite things

 to do

 at the end of every superhero movie is

 sit through the credits and wait for the

 special thanks because the special


 section of every superhero movie that

 you've seen has a

 list of comic creators, of who in some

 form or fashion,

 had their work adapted to the movie. You

 just saw whether it was a

 character that they created, whether it

 was a storyline beat,

 etc. Like to me look... it is,

 a ton of work goes into these movies, and

 and they would not get made without

 everyone else up uh you know above that

 part in the credits.

 And but at the end of the day,

 I don't know if Iron Man happens or

 Spider-Man happens

 without the comics having been been made.

 And so, but it's weird because we're at

 this point where

 the movies have have covered quite a bit

 -at least on the Marvel side, right-

 the movies have covered quite a bit of

 ground right. So take Captain

 America Civil War...

 that Captain

 America Civil War was not a

 straight adaptation of the Civil War

 event that happened in

 in the comics. Themes,

 and the ideas, and then

 were all kind of there, uh but but it

 wasn't but so like okay but that like

 that was a big event for Marvel. So that


 boom toss it behind you. It's done.




 like redo it, you've already done it.

 You've branded, right. You've taken it to

 the public.



Thor Ragnarok is another one where it

 was, it was a

 uh the whole you know -on that planet

 with the Gladiator Hulk-

 was this massive event that brought Hulk


 to being this huge, major player in the

 Marvel in the Marvel Universe.

 That you know kind of got squished down

 to maybe 20 minutes of screen time.

uh of screaming yeah 


and so uh and so

you see

you kind of wonder it's like you know i

mean comics obviously are still being

made and ideas are still being plucked


recent as stuff that happened maybe you

know two or three years ago like it's

one of the one of the posters i have

up hanging in my office um and i turn to

uh show you but i

all my cables will come out is uh is uh

marvel did an event called infinity it

was written by jonathan uh jonathan


um and it it took a lot of the ideas

that you saw in infinity war uh and and

all that but for that poster

when i was at marvel my like this thing

is like we need to make this poster

look like a movie poster and it is a big

shot it's got thanos's head it's got

heroes it's got the title all the big

and it's got the credits like right

underneath yeah because

because movie like you want to be able

to capture that

that audience who is just doing that and

so at comic book

we people want to

especially with the moral universe

people want to know what's happening

next and they want to be

the cool they want to be the cool person

amongst their group of friends

that when they talk about the movie

let's use endgame as an example yeah

oh it's going to go it's going to do

this this and this and that's what this

meant and that's your assistant

and so immediately they buy themselves

some geek cred right uh

because they were able to come to come

to a place like comic book and figure

out what it all means

where at the same time we're also posing

questions to the audience where it's

like okay

uh a the character nova is a character

that a ton of fans love

was supposed to have been in in the

movies twice and has gotten booted out


we so we post questions like how why did

nova get booted out twice how does a

character like nova fit

uh and and why it's important or like

even you take a character

like miles morales who is a new a new

character for all intents purposes

created it within the last seven to you

know seven to ten ish years right

and so uh you know so there's a lot of

that character

where fans are introduced to miles

morales for the first time

and and there's a lot on the surface to

really take in and be like whoa this is

super cool

yeah but there's so much more of that

character that is even cooler yeah and


and so for us to be like okay here's

what we want to see here's what what

we you know the the fans who have read

and loved this stuff want to see

where miles goes next or uh you know

what villains we

we think need to come into the mcu and

so and so

that's how we balance that okay it's

something for

someone who just saw the movie to get

some geek cred but also

provide worthwhile discussion for our

community on

what it all means so where it should go




so was acquired by


yep and uh congratulations i know it's

been a little while but

you know dude that's like incredible

that's great the thing i want to talk


there is so many people

have been uh have been

swept up in the social media landscape

you talked about how back in the days

myspace was the thing now nobody would

even think about doing myspace

and what cbs bought is an online

property right i mean

if i can distill it down you know they

brought a domain name and a website

like a you know website and and the

traffic and the and the energy and the

interactions and the

in the ad revenue that they can you know

sell against it and and all these other

kinds of things right

So many people are putting all of their


 in the social media basket, right. Uh as I

 was preparing for the show,

 I went uh to and on

 Instagram... you guys have a million

 followers right. Talk about how you

 you you leveraged social media

 to build your property and didn't like

 seed your property

 to social media. Like how have you all

 been able to like

 strike that balance? Because it is very,

 very difficult to do in this days where

 like most people are spending so much of

 their time

 on their phone and on the on their phone

 in a couple of apps,




Yeah, I mean look... it's you know,

 it's knowing what audience is where.

 Our audience on Instagram is way

 different than our audience on Twitter,

 and it's more different than our

 audience on Facebook, and it's different

 than the audience that comes to the site


 And so, you have to be ready for that.

 You've got to be able to program for

 that. But at the same time,

 you need to be flexible. And I mean like

 tie yourself in knots, and then also

 untie yourself

 flexible. Because things change

 at the drop of a hat. The... you can get

 an algorithm change will come to

 Facebook and everything that you did

 doesn't work, or you

 know, may change. Everything that you used

 to do

 you did on Instagram -something Facebook

 decides “we're going to change something,”

 then it doesn't work. The thing that that


 always work is giving the audience what

 it wants.

 And if if you're not, and you're not

 necessarily engaging with them in that


 they'll move on to someone else who will.

 Uh and and

 and that's that's how you kind of

 weather that ebb and flow

 of the ever-changing -like by the minute


 digital landscape. 


And so like i say like

you know someone who

who may follow us on instagram gets a

totally different experience of comic

book than someone who

follows us you know elsewhere and and we

try and you know we try and cross those

bridges when we can we know that there

are certain things that will work and

things that won't work

um but but at the end of the day

you know it's like i said it's it's just

it's serving different audiences but

but the message is still the same right

we lo

we love this just as much as you do and

here's how we're and here's how we show


um and so you know for instagram you

know for us it's a it's been a great

platform for us to

elevate and showcase um artistic talent


whether it's it's cosplay whether it's

digital art

whether it's uh you know videos you know

on the video front

it's become a great opportunity for us

to to showcase that because

um it because like that's where you know

that's where a

different different eyes are and so it's


i it's so hard for me even when i'm

having a quote

bad day at work yeah i always have to

tell myself

um and i've got a a note that sticks on

the far side of my wall that says

um when you write about spider-man all


it's hard to hate what you do and

uh yeah man that's why i wanted to have

you on because like i just i just feel


like this is you know the fact that you

were in at the very

beginning and um you know you may not

have necessarily like

saw yourself as an entrepreneur but you

became one mostly because

like you took a chance to do the thing

you love

well and here's the thing i am also

incredibly competitive right and so

yeah when we started comic book

you know we were in a certain class uh

you know just from a pure traffic

standpoint a certain class

of a website right it was mostly blogs

and whatever people were just kind of

doing it for fun and

my goal when coming into comic was i

wanted to be in the same conversation

as the hollywood reporter variety


ign those those mega brands yeah

and we're there we're our 20-plus


unique brand coming from doing you know

where we were at you know two or three

million uh just a couple years ago yeah

and that

that comes from sleepless nights and

that's it comes from like like

frantically wanting to make sure that i

could be on top of news

break news all of that stuff because

without that

i might as well just be blogging you

just answered the final question that i


uh which you said in several ways across

but i i

i wanted to know how important the news

aspect of what you all do

is to the what people want like how

important is that news piece

it is it is so important uh mainly


it's what's next yeah

it's the it's the okay it's a story the

story this far

has grown maybe it's grown a little bit

maybe it's grown that much

but the story has grown and we're closer

to the next thing yeah and that's a look


always have to give a ton of credit to

uh what marvel studios has been able to

do with their universe

and i i am honestly i could not be more

excited with the idea

of what dc potentially has planned for

their stuff embracing their multiverse

and whatever

because it just opens the doors of what

what they can do

now the the thing is that like you know

someone gets cast or

some villain is going to be involved and

so like so there's always a in

an area of speculation that you know

that that we kind of thrive in because

if there's one thing that comic fans

love to do it's love to it's

argue in a friendly manner of like who's

stronger the hulk or thor or

superman or whoever right yeah and so so

so we play we play in that area

a lot when you know during times like

these where productions have stopped

movie the you know releases have come

you know uh are being delayed left and

right there's not a lot of news out

there and so like

what do we do how do we do that right uh

and so fort you know unfortunately we

we upped our our interview game right


uh for a long long time everyone just

kind of wanted to do

uh you know phone interviews and that

was just kind of the the norm and then

you know zoom happened everyone's doing

zoom meetings uh and so you know we've

done a number of those and

junkets have basically taken the form of

zoom meetings uh but we created a

product on instagram called talking shop


it's there is no middleman there is no i

mean yes there's a publicist that helps

set it up or whatever

but it is us and that

star on their phone turning it on

and talking to you from wherever they

are yeah and it has been and it's been a

huge thing and so we've been able to

you know kind of dig back deep and look

we're looking at anniversaries right

like what are what are big enemies yeah

who can we talk to for for that stuff

and what new projects and stuff do they

have and so

you know look you got to make got to

make lemonade i love it i love it

i love it dude this has been so you know

whenever whenever we sit around smoke

cigars like you know first we'll just

kind of catch up how's everybody doing

and then i

start like basically digging in like

okay jim you got to tell me like how

this works

because you know to a large degree what

what you've been able to do around this

passion of comic book and a fantastic

domain name

um is a lot of what i advocate for

people broadly i don't care like what

kind of business you are or as an


like i think this is to me this is the

like universal side hustle that people

should be doing like they should be

figuring out

how to leverage this world of media that

is so

revolutionary in the total story of


you know i mean we've never been able to

do like the idea that i can do a

freaking show

is just so stupid it is so dumb this is


you know but but it's it's possible

and uh i mean you just have so much uh

wisdom and incredible unique experience

in this world that i would be i would be

remiss to say

that none like everything that we've

done at comic book

would not be possible without

the team that i've got around me that is

one thousand percent

bought into what we're doing and our die


thing like they they are just as die

hard fans as the rest of us

and so and and they are they are smart


they are you know they are people who

will spot things out of you know

little clips of trailers and whatnot

that that i'll miss right

yeah and so like it has been like so i

am so

fortunate that that's gotta be so fun

dude like that's gonna be we've been

able to like grow

to grow the team that that we're at now

right so like and i just look at it like

you know we are

um you know a 20-ish plus you know uh

team uh now we have a you know video a

dedicated video team like it's

and everyone loves what they what they

do yeah and

and it if they didn't and didn't have

the same

drive that like you know if

each individual didn't have the same

drive as we as a group have it wouldn't


right and and it all comes down to you

know just wanting to

to to do the job and be the best at it


amazing all right that's it 30 minutes

goes so fast here man that went so fast

i know i told you i told you that's how

it goes

people uh you should follow jim online

at dude's brilliant and uh definitely go

to if you found this


uh inspiring either from the perspective

of you know you didn't know the existed

now you can be a smarter geek about you

know what's happening in the next movie

that comes out

or if you want to quite frankly reverse

engineer what they do i mean that's the

kind of stuff that i get into

i love learning the information but like

watching how they execute as a team as a

company and have built this thing in a

matter of five years is truly truly

inspiring so

uh follow jim uh wherever he is online

uh my book create an orchestrated is now

a week out into the world this is the

last day for the 99 cent special on

kindle number one amazon bestseller in

six categories including

entrepreneurship so

uh thank you for all the support we had

a great week the podcast marcus

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that's it thank you very much for

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next week sorry tomorrow uh with another

episode of marcus whitney live peace

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