Innovation puts a finer point on creativity as not merely bringing something into existence, but bringing something new into existence. Innovation is a pillar of the Creative Power philosophy because it provides an approach to the ever-present problems that arise throughout our lives. We need a pillar that reminds us to view problems as opportunities, and Innovation does just that.

Innovators see the world differently. We know there is always a way to overcome adversity, even if the macro-level problem isn't solved in our lifetime. Some problems can be solved in 5 seconds. Some will take 500 years. Regardless of the severity, when a problem with no prior solution exists, Innovation is required.



The Future of Work with Nick Cromydas

What is the Future of Work? Marcus Whitney LIVE with Nick Cromydas

Nick Cromydas, CEO and founder of Hunt Club joins me on the show.

Tim Battle

The Future Of Live Entertainment Post COVID-19: Marcus Whitney LIVE with Tim Battle

My guest today is iHeartRadio DJ and host of the Battleground Podcast, Tim Battle.

MW Live Amanda Little

A Crisis In The Global Food Chain: Amanda Little Returns on Marcus Whitney LIVE

My good friend Amanda Little, author of The Fate of Food, returns to give us an update on how COVID-19 has created a crisis in the global food chain.

Robert C Sherrill

The Entrepreneur That Broke All Re-entry Barriers: Robert C. Sherrill on Marcus Whitney LIVE

Robert Sherrill spent five years in federal prison on drug conspiracy charges, and has since turned his life around as an entrepreneur, civic leader and inspiration to many.

QuHarrison Terry Image

How To Think And Execute Like A Future Marketer: Marcus Whitney LIVE with QuHarrison Terry

My guest on this episode of the live show, which airs every weekday at 12 p.m. CT, QuHarrison Terry, is not just a future thinker, but he’s an amazing content creator, marketer and overall good human.

What will never be the same in healthcare ever again

HealthLeaders: What Will Never Be The Same Again in Healthcare?

We now know that a suboptimal public health and healthcare system can bring our entire world to a complete stop, result in a needless number of deaths, and put our wonderful healthcare workers in unnecessary danger. Our collective demand for prioritized investment, higher standards, and embrace of innovation will become the norm. Leaders will be on notice.


Jeff McGruder Podcast: The Marcus Whitney Series – Healthcare & Innovation Part 2 of 4

As a healthcare entrepreneur Marcus gives an insiders view of the changing environment in healthcare. As the industry has been facing deregulation and the gig economy, fastily approaches, Marcus drops some plugs to what the future holds in this sector.

Two Worlds 14 - A Useful Narrative

Two Worlds 14 – A Useful Narrative

Greetings, If you celebrate Easter or Passover, I hope the weekend offered an opportunity to reflect on the spirit and how this moment we find ourselves in fits into a much bigger story. If not, I hope the weekend gave you a reprieve and a chance to collect yourself. A new week is upon us,…

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

My friend, We have arrived at a fork in the road. It’s time for the tone to change. When I moved to Nashville on Labor Day in the year 2000, with no degree, a pregnant wife and a one year old, I was able to get a job waiting tables within an hour. That job…


Beyond Theory Podcast: Marcus Whitney on Furthering Innovation and Equity in Healthcare

As a healthcare entrepreneur and advisor, Marcus Whitney gets to use his own experience with technology and mental health to advance the healthcare field. So what does he think will it take to bring forward-thinking innovation and racial equity to behavioral health? For this episode of Beyond Theory, Marcus joins host David Condos for a…

Creative Power Hour 40 with Cameo Carlson

#CreativePower Hour #40: Cameo Carlson

What do Joplin MO., Steve Jobs and Lil Wayne have in common? This week we return to the #CreativePower Hour with one of the most important people in the history of music in the Internet era, Cameo Carlson. Cameo’s story is so bizarre and dense that this is just PART 1 of her interview with…

Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts Marcus Whitney Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour #39: Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour with a lifelong creative who has gone from career musician to founder of a plant-based, whole food brand scaling across the country. Ben Stix is a fascinating guy who has bootstrapped The BE-Hive, an incredibly successful food brand from the ground up. And I love his heart and his mission to make healthy…