Innovation puts a finer point on creativity as not merely bringing something into existence, but bringing something new into existence. Innovation is a pillar of the Creative Power philosophy because it provides an approach to the ever-present problems that arise throughout our lives. We need a pillar that reminds us to view problems as opportunities, and Innovation does just that.

Innovators see the world differently. We know there is always a way to overcome adversity, even if the macro-level problem isn't solved in our lifetime. Some problems can be solved in 5 seconds. Some will take 500 years. Regardless of the severity, when a problem with no prior solution exists, Innovation is required.




WeGrowMedia: “You Have to Shift From Consuming to Creating.” My Interview with Marcus Whitney

Dan Blank of WeGrowMedia sits down with Marcus Whitney and discuss how to claim your creative power.

Whitney also talks about how there are two critical sides to create something whether that is a book or a business. The first one is inspiration. The second one is specific tactics and philosophies to make creative work central your life to ensure it turns to actions and results.


Book Bites: Entrepreneurship Is the Great Equalizer

Marcus walks you through his unlikely journey from college dropout waiting tables to successful entrepreneur.

To be an entrepreneur, you don’t need wealth or higher education. You simply need to understand the language of business. This understanding is available to everyone, making entrepreneurship the great equalizer that lets anyone overcome the challenges of our changing world.

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Finding Sanctuary With Animals – Marcus Whitney LIVE with Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner of The Gentle Barn

This episode’s guest on #MWL is Nada Taha. We discuss their mission to bring people closer to nature and create a more peaceful world in the process. We also talk about Ellie’s book “My Gentle Barn” and innovating in the face of COVID-19.

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Product Hunt: Create and Orchestrate

In Create and Orchestrate, Marcus walks you through his unlikely journey from college dropout waiting tables to successful entrepreneur, healthcare VC and co-owner of a Major League Soccer team.

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COVID-19 Will Fuel the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship

Marcus Whitney calls discuss how COVID-19 will fuel the next wave of entrepreneurship and the innovation required going forward.


Marcus Whitney: Nashville’s health care leaders must acknowledge systemic racism

Marcus Whitney calls on Nashville’s health care leaders to acknowledge the systemic racism that has contributed to the industry’s significant wealth and to begin work to diversify its leadership to “reflect the employees and communities it serves.”

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How To Dream Big, Then Execute: Marcus Whitney LIVE with Henry Beecher Hicks

Henry Hicks, CEO of the National Museum of African American Music, joins me on the show to talk about the journey to build a museum.

The Future of Work with Nick Cromydas

What is the Future of Work? Marcus Whitney LIVE with Nick Cromydas

Nick Cromydas, CEO and founder of Hunt Club joins me on the show.

Tim Battle

The Future Of Live Entertainment Post COVID-19: Marcus Whitney LIVE with Tim Battle

My guest today is iHeartRadio DJ and host of the Battleground Podcast, Tim Battle.

MW Live Amanda Little

A Crisis In The Global Food Chain: Amanda Little Returns on Marcus Whitney LIVE

My good friend Amanda Little, author of The Fate of Food, returns to give us an update on how COVID-19 has created a crisis in the global food chain.

Robert C Sherrill

The Entrepreneur That Broke All Re-entry Barriers: Robert C. Sherrill on Marcus Whitney LIVE

Robert Sherrill spent five years in federal prison on drug conspiracy charges, and has since turned his life around as an entrepreneur, civic leader and inspiration to many.

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How To Think And Execute Like A Future Marketer: Marcus Whitney LIVE with QuHarrison Terry

My guest on this episode of the live show, which airs every weekday at 12 p.m. CT, QuHarrison Terry, is not just a future thinker, but he’s an amazing content creator, marketer and overall good human.