Innovation puts a finer point on creativity as not merely bringing something into existence, but bringing something new into existence. Innovation is a pillar of the Creative Power philosophy because it provides an approach to the ever-present problems that arise throughout our lives. We need a pillar that reminds us to view problems as opportunities, and Innovation does just that.

Innovators see the world differently. We know there is always a way to overcome adversity, even if the macro-level problem isn't solved in our lifetime. Some problems can be solved in 5 seconds. Some will take 500 years. Regardless of the severity, when a problem with no prior solution exists, Innovation is required.



Creative Power Hour 40 with Cameo Carlson

#CreativePower Hour #40: Cameo Carlson

What do Joplin MO., Steve Jobs and Lil Wayne have in common? This week we return to the #CreativePower Hour with one of the most important people in the history of music in the Internet era, Cameo Carlson. Cameo’s story is so bizarre and dense that this is just PART 1 of her interview with…

Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts Marcus Whitney Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour #39: Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour with a lifelong creative who has gone from career musician to founder of a plant-based, whole food brand scaling across the country. Ben Stix is a fascinating guy who has bootstrapped The BE-Hive, an incredibly successful food brand from the ground up. And I love his heart and his mission to make healthy…

Nashville Top Business Leaders

#CreativePower Hour #38: Vic Gatto

This week we return to the #CreativePower Hour with a guy who I’ve spent more time with over the last ten years than anyone that isn’t in my family. My business partner, Vic Gatto. Vic has been a personal inspiration to me in the areas of commitment, hard work, focus and good intentions. As always,…

Creative Power Hour Marcus Whitney with Alicia Searcy

#CreativePower Hour #36: Alicia Searcy

For Every Body. This week on the #CreativePower Hour I get to share the story of one of the most energetic creatives in Nashville today. Alicia Searcy is the founder of Fashion Is For Every Body, a non-profit org that uses fashion as a language to promote body-positivity and self-esteem while seeking inclusion for adults…

Tim Ozgener and Marcus Whitney Creative Power Hour

#CreativePower Hour #34: Tim Ozgener

I met Tim Ozgener in Leadership Nashville, and his story is fascinating. We talk about how humor and laughter helps to build relationships and differentiate yourself in business. He was born in Nashville as the son of Turkish immigrants. Growing up bilingual gave him the talent to do impressions, which he thinks has helped him…


Virsys12 Podcast Episode 8 (How I Transformed This): Activating the Power of Digital Marketing

I recently joined the Virsys12 Podcast called “How I Transformed This” to talk about entrepreneurship, digital marketing and innovation in Healthcare.   Health:Further CEO and Jumpstart Foundry founder Marcus Whitney challenges healthcare companies to develop innovative solutions for overcoming marketing challenges  Healthcare companies have traditionally struggled to market themselves, but Marcus Whitney believes it’s time…

Curve Benders with David Nour

The Curve Benders Podcast: Episode 7 – Future of Health with Marcus Whitney

Episode 7 of The Curve Benders Podcast is focused on the Future of Health. Come join us for a glimpse into where healthcare has been, where it is today, and what lies ahead for this incredibly powerful, yet outdated, in many ways, broken, and siloed industry, in dire need of real innovation. I enjoyed being…

Marcus Whitney with Dr. Diane Hamilton

Take The Lead Podcast Appearance with Dr. Diane Hamilton: Living A Creative, Purposeful Life With Marcus Whitney

I had the pleasure of being on “Take The Lead” with Dr. Diane Hamilton and enjoyed telling my story, including why I chose to teach myself software development when I moved to Nashville in 2000 instead of learning some other skill or trade. With the purpose of my appearance being to talk about how to…

Maneet Chauhan and Marcus Whitney

#CreativePower Hour #29: Maneet Chauhan

An absolute treat for you all this week. Maneet Chauhan is a dynamo, and Nashville hit the Jackpot when she and her husband Vivek decided to build their culinary empire here. You may have seen her on the Food Network as a regular judge on Chopped, but hearing her story will inspire you to believe…

Marcus Whitney and Newton Dominey Nashville Entrepreneurship

#CreativePower Hour #28: Newton Dominey

This week’s podcast features my good friend Newton Dominey. Newton is the founder of Nashville’s original climbing gym, The Crag, now with two locations and an incredible community that it supports. But that’s not how Newton and I met. We met in the very early days of Nashville Soccer Club (then, Nashville Football Club). Newton is…

The Grind 79 What To Create To Create

The Grind 79 What To Create To Create

That argument has been won already Like clockwork, my new life is starting not to seem so new. More and more, people are approaching me about my podcast and The Grind. These are becoming the things that people associate me with. Coincidentally, it’s becoming more comfortable to create podcast episodes and issues of The Grind.…

Amanda Little Creative Power Hour with Marcus Whitney Best Nashville Entrepreneur

#CreativePower Hour #26: Amanda Little

Amanda Little has been fascinated with how technology would impact society for more than thirty years and has always been ahead of the mainstream story. Her latest book, The Fate of Food, found its roots in her search for how we were going to sustain the brave new world that we started building with the…