Two moments matter most in the creative process: The start and the finish. Both require Drive, but they each run on a different kind of energy.

Without Drive, there is no action, and Creative Power exists only as potential. This philosophy is designed to be practiced, and understanding how to leverage Drive is key to experiencing Creative Power rather than just intellectually contemplating it.


C+O 27

Create and Orchestrate Episode 27 : Why You Need To Do It Right Now

C+O 21

Create and Orchestrate Episode 21 : Leveling Up With The Chip

C+O 20

Create and Orchestrate Episode 20 : Consistency Is Key

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The Grind 9: How My White Belt Made Me More Thoughtful

I started taking Hapkido, a Korean martial art, along with my youngest son as a way for us to stay in shape and be more connected to each other. We started in January and just received our yellow belts last Saturday. Even at 40 years old, that was a very proud moment for me and…

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The Grind 8: 40 Hours In And Still Scared

Yesterday was TEDxNashville. TED and TEDx events are always a great time to expand our thinking, but for the last two years, they have taken on a different meaning for me. They represent a breakthrough, when I conquered the fear of sharing my idea about hustling to over 1000 people. It’s impossible to disconnect that…

C+O 16

Create and Orchestrate Episode 16 : Why You Have To Get Excited

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The Grind 1 The Beginning

The launch of something is always so exciting. You know that feeling of finally sharing something you’ve kept bottled up for months (sometimes years) that says “Here’s what I’ve been working on!!!”. And then for 24 hours the congrats and high fives roll in, and then 24 hours later a few more people hear about…