Two moments matter most in the creative process: The start and the finish. Both require Drive, but they each run on a different kind of energy.

Without Drive, there is no action, and Creative Power exists only as potential. This philosophy is designed to be practiced, and understanding how to leverage Drive is key to experiencing Creative Power rather than just intellectually contemplating it.


Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Interview

#CreativePower Hour #3 -Megan Barry

In this episode, I speak with proud Nashvillian and former Mayor, Megan Barry. Megan’s story is well documented, but I’m not certain that what she has learned from it is. This is an open, wandering conversation about life, creative power, women as leaders and the gift of reflection. Listen to “#CreativePower Hour #3 – Megan…

So Grateful To Be A Creator

So Grateful To Be A Creator

I’ve spent the last eighteen years of my life learning the craft of building businesses, mostly on the Internet, by doing. It all started by teaching myself how to code in order to get a better job (than waiting tables) so I could take care of my family. Having two kids and no solid income…

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The Grind 38: The Disengaged Majority

Hello my friend, I’m going to talk about the election. If you are tired of reading about it or hearing about it, I totally understand and wanted to save you the energy of reading any further. It’s also not short. We live in incredible times. Among the things that make these times so incredible are…

C+O 58

Create and Orchestrate Episode 58: How To Climb A Mountain

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The Grind 28: Look Down

I can barely walk this morning. It’s because on Thursday, two dear friends of ours took Rachel and I on a climb of Mount St. Helens. I had been so busy leading up to the climb that I didn’t really have time to research what we had gotten ourselves into. We did some training hikes…

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The Grind 26: Get Confidence From Consistency

I hope you were able to capture at least a bit of the Olympics over the last two weeks. I know in my house, everyone gets a little more inspired to get in shape, compete and find a new level of willpower after watching elite athletes from around the world participate in completely obscure sporting…

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The Grind 23: Belief Of Destiny

I did some travel for work this week. On behalf of Nashville FC, my partner Chris Redhage and I went out to San Jose for the MLS All Star Game and met up with all the owners of the teams in the USL. It was a great learning experience and a great time. The MLS…

C+O 44

Create and Orchestrate Episode 45: Stay The Course

C+O 41

Create + Orchestrate Episode 41: What is the Dreamstate? Website Thumbnails

Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations—Marcus Whitney, Unlikely Entrepreneur

By bucking the system, technologist, entrepreneur and rising investor Marcus Whitney blossomed into the man he always wanted to be.

C+O 31

Create and Orchestrate Episode 31 : Effort Capacity

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The Grind 15: Thoughts In Reflection Of The Greatest

A lot has happened this past week in the world. The greatest of all time passed away. He wasn’t undefeated, but he was undisputed. He was greater outside of the ring than inside of it, and that is almost unfathomable. Uber raised 3.5 billion dollars from a Saudi sovereign fund. This is the largest private…