Two moments matter most in the creative process: The start and the finish. Both require Drive, but they each run on a different kind of energy.

Without Drive, there is no action, and Creative Power exists only as potential. This philosophy is designed to be practiced, and understanding how to leverage Drive is key to experiencing Creative Power rather than just intellectually contemplating it.


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The Grind 62 Get on the Stage

We place too much focus on magic As you go through this week, try keeping an ear and an eye out for inner dialogue and conversations with others that start with “I can’t” and “I’m not good at”. As someone who is actively trying to lean into their strengths and find support around my weaknesses,…

Best Entrepreneurship Keynote Speakers

Corner To Corner Spring 2019 Keynote

Marcus gives the keynote address for the Spring 2019 Corner To Corner: The Academy Graduation Ceremony. The Academy is a 10-week program that equips community members with the skills they need to plan, start, and grow their own small business. In the keynote, Marcus talks about being W.I.D.E Open, what is the creative power, and…

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The Grind 61 Journeys and Objectives

What was true is no longer true. I’ve been doing a lot of speaking and writing lately. Speaking and writing both trigger me to think about ‘narrative’, which leads to reflection about what has transpired in my life so far, and how I’ve been transformed by it. One major theme has come up lately in…

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The Grind 60 We Are Better With A Rear View Mirror

Have we lost an understanding of freedom? I hope that you had a great three day weekend and a Happy Memorial Day. Since my oldest son recently became a Marine, I’ve developed a deeper interest in the military. Its history, its traditions and its importance. For that reason, I decided not to write this issue…

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The Grind 58 Active Patience

The Trick Is Forgetting About The Goal… For those of you that find joy in Mother’s Day, I hope it was a wonderful one for you. For those that find it challenging, I wish you peace. I’ve had a week myself over here. Growing under constraints is a challenge I usually embrace, but I have…

Dave Delaney

Coffee & Content Ep 2: Dave Delaney

Marcus grabs a long-overdue coffee with his good friend and co-founder of BarCamp Nashville (reborn as Craft Content Nashville), Dave Delaney (@davedelaney). Since they last caught up Dave has been successfully developing his public speaking career, while also consulting for Google and continuing to create great content for his audience online. Dave and Marcus talk…

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The Grind 55: Living On Purpose

Even when we know it’s right, commitment can be scary. I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend. I love the vibe during Easter / Passover weekend. I find myself thinking about greatness and how one leaves a mark on humanity worthy of remembrance.  Not that one should do something great in order to be…

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The Grind 54: Coming to Terms

There must be something in the air… I wouldn’t quite call it a crossroads, but I’m definitely on the verge of something big… personally. I can tell because it’s been hard to get my focus away from how I’m living my life.  Things like how much sleep I’m getting, what I’m eating, how much I’m…

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The Grind 48: Deepening The WHY

There are worse things. Last week was one of the most transformational weeks of my entire life. My first son is, undoubtedly, the catalyst for the person I have become over the last twenty years. It was his existence that drove me to get real with myself, become self-disciplined and make real progress in my…

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The Grind 47: The Leverage Gained By Letting Go

In between expectation and reality… is grief I’ve been thinking a lot about leverage lately Why does leverage matter? Because it is the thing that most determines which source of power will win in a given scenario. Power can be measured by its works. And those works are not entirely physical. There is of course,…

COFFEE & CONTENT EP 1 - James Mackler

Coffee & Content Ep 1: James Mackler

In this episode, I sit down with US Senate Candidate, James Mackler. He is a military veteran and a former defense attorney, who prides himself on serving others as well as his country. We chat about the importance of branding and the effects of branding in politics. Listen to “Coffee & Content with James Mackler”…

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The Grind 44: Detours

Taking a Detour If you’re a sports fan, I hope you enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday. Kinda boring game to be honest, but it’s always nice to spend time with friends and family and watch the biggest football game of the year. 2019 is off to a bang in my world. Anything can happen, but right…