Two moments matter most in the creative process: The start and the finish. Both require Drive, but they each run on a different kind of energy.

Without Drive, there is no action, and Creative Power exists only as potential. This philosophy is designed to be practiced, and understanding how to leverage Drive is key to experiencing Creative Power rather than just intellectually contemplating it.


Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

Two Worlds 13: The Emperor Is Exposed

My friend, We have arrived at a fork in the road. It’s time for the tone to change. When I moved to Nashville on Labor Day in the year 2000, with no degree, a pregnant wife and a one year old, I was able to get a job waiting tables within an hour. That job…

This is our moment. Nothing will be the same after this, and we all know it

Two Worlds 12 – Yes, And

Hello hero, Yes, this is a tough time. Whether you are worried about COVID-19 or the economy or both, there are severe difficulties in front of us. And, there is incredible beauty that we are paying attention to for the first time in a long time. The beauty of our shared vulnerability, the sky without…

I’ve decided to anchor in my purpose

Two Worlds 11: Allowing Purpose To Win

Hello hero, You’re here again, for another day in the world-altering shift, that is the arrival of COVID-19. Like you, I am processing a spectrum of feelings. I am working through debates in my head. I am bracing myself. Here’s where I’ve landed. I intend to support people wherever possible. I know that given the…

Creative Power Hour 40 with Cameo Carlson

#CreativePower Hour #40: Cameo Carlson

What do Joplin MO., Steve Jobs and Lil Wayne have in common? This week we return to the #CreativePower Hour with one of the most important people in the history of music in the Internet era, Cameo Carlson. Cameo’s story is so bizarre and dense that this is just PART 1 of her interview with…

Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts Marcus Whitney Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour #39: Ben Stix

#CreativePower Hour with a lifelong creative who has gone from career musician to founder of a plant-based, whole food brand scaling across the country. Ben Stix is a fascinating guy who has bootstrapped The BE-Hive, an incredibly successful food brand from the ground up. And I love his heart and his mission to make healthy…

Nashville PechaKucha Night

Two Worlds 7: Stay Ready, Step Up

Greetings, Last Thursday night, I was the kickoff presenter for Nashville PechaKucha Night, presented by the Nashville Civic Design Center. It was a fantastic event, there were nine presenters, and they all did a great job.

Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts

#CreativePower Hour #37: Alice Randall

The Art Is Its Own Reward. This week we return to the #CreativePower Hour with a creative soul who has lived an incredibly rich life and has her greatest work ahead of her, Alice Randall. Alice shares her incredible story about her upbringing in Detroit, her voyage to Washington DC as a child, her greatest…

How To Handle Hardship

Two Worlds 5 – Preparation for Trial

Hello Hero, I have a guarantee for you. You will encounter trials in your life. I have another guarantee for you. The ease with which you handle the trials you encounter will largely depend on how mentally prepared you are to handle challenging situations. As children, whether in the classroom, on the stage, or the…

Creative Power Hour Marcus Whitney with Alicia Searcy

#CreativePower Hour #36: Alicia Searcy

For Every Body. This week on the #CreativePower Hour I get to share the story of one of the most energetic creatives in Nashville today. Alicia Searcy is the founder of Fashion Is For Every Body, a non-profit org that uses fashion as a language to promote body-positivity and self-esteem while seeking inclusion for adults…

BJJ Champion

Two Worlds 4 – Up To The Task

If You Want To Feel Alive Hello Hero, How do you know you’re “up to the task?” This question is at the heart of your journey, and how we address it matters deeply. If it’s a task you’ve got a lot of experience with, you’ll probably say, “I know I’m up to the task because…

Creative Power Hour Marcus Whitney and Pat Shea

#CreativePower Hour #35: Patricia Shea

Helping the helpers – This week we return to the #CreativePower Hour with an icon in Nashville, Pat Shea. Pat is best known for being the CEO of the YWCA Nashville for over a decade and building out a tremendous awareness and citywide program to support victims of domestic violence. She is now onto her…

How to move past your shortcomings

Two Worlds 3 – Why Me?

Before we begin, I know that yesterday was a hard day for many. It was hard for me. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. Yesterday touched so many of us because Kobe Bryant dared to live the most magnificent life he possibly could have. That effort, that commitment, made his life a legendary one. Yet…