Marcus Whitney is a dynamic public speaker who engages any audience from a high school to a corporate board room. You can hire Marcus for keynotes, panels, fireside chats and Q&As. Marcus will engage your audience, make them think, and leave them all wanting to hear and know more. He is consistently ranked among the highest presenters at any event that he speaks at. He can customize a talk for your audience and the theme of your event, but he has some signature talks that will deliver for you out of the box! To learn more, scroll down and fill out the form below.

My Signature Talks

Be A City Of The Future


This talk is for economic development leaders, chambers of commerce, civic engagement groups and others focused on evolving their towns / cities into vibrant ecosystems for the future.

When Amazon came to town, Marcus sat between their head of the HQ2 search and Gov. Haslam for dinner. Over the past 15 years, Marcus has played an integral part in the evolution of Nashville. From helping the city build a technology brand, to infusing innovation into its healthcare market to bringing professional soccer to town, Marcus knows, and can share with your team, how to keep your city authentic, yet make real change and evolve towards the future.

Innovation is Undefeated


This talk is for trade organizations, incumbent corporations, educational institutions and others focused on understanding how to embrace innovation rather than be displaced by it. 

The dilemma is real. It’s obvious that nothing is going to stop the breakneck pace that technology is going at, as it changes every thing we know and understand for better or worse. And still, the same human emotions are allowing organizations to hide in plain sight, ignoring this reality while new entrants eat their lunch from the bottom. It doesn’t have to be this way. In this talk, Marcus helps organizations understand the opportunities they have to treat innovation like a tailwind, and also the very cultural biases that will almost always cause them to behave like innovation is a headwind.



This talk is for events for entrepreneurs, non profit organizations looking to reimagine themselves, and events with an inspiring theme. 

The original talk from TEDxNashville 2014, updated and with a shot of adrenaline. This is the manifesto for the ambitious, creative rebels. For those who believe in doing good. For the Davids seeking to take on the Goliaths. There is a code for us. Creativity, empathy, hustle, hacking and being our own heroes are the stuff of modern day fairy tales. It’s also what the most dominant forces in the free market do everyday. No matter what level you operate at, you can be inspired to do more when you hear Marcus drop the philosophy of Create and Orchestrate.

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