I’ve spent the last eighteen years of my life learning the craft of building businesses, mostly on the Internet, by doing. It all started by teaching myself how to code in order to get a better job (than waiting tables) so I could take care of my family. Having two kids and no solid income has a way of driving one to figure shit out.

Now, almost two decades later, the combined experience just makes working such a joy. Whether it’s putting together a vision and core values, a new financial model, a new brand, a new website, building out social profiles, creating a product… the list just goes on and on… I love it. It’s because it’s all I’ve been thinking about for almost twenty years.

I feel like I haven’t picked my head up. I’ve got a couple of feathers in my cap, but really… right now, what is giving me the most joy, is that I know what the hell I’m doing, and I’m still passionate about doing. I’ve built this site over the last sixty days. Good ol’ WordPress. I’ve been working with this software since 2004. I know it. The file structure. the database, the plugins. I’ve screwed it up so many times. So when I loaded it up again last November for the first time in years, it was like riding a bike.

I can’t explain how good it feels to be rebooting my personal content platform. I’m waking up every morning fresh and ready to jump in. I think now, more than ever, because I know I have something to say now. I’m 43, had plenty of failures and lessons, made a bunch of mistakes, but also racked up some pretty undeniable wins. And not just one. Enough that it’s not a fluke. I’ve picked something up, and now I REALLY want to share that thing.

Creative Power Through Entrepreneurship.

It’s like alchemy my friend. The Internet has been undisputed in its reshaping of the world. Lean into it. See it as a multiplier for your creativity. You are capable of so much if you are willing to work, and work, and work… and be positive, and believe in yourself, and be ok with making painful and costly mistakes. But holy cow is it worth it.

To feel like you are living in your purpose. Creating your vision. Producing on your terms. It’s incredible, and the Internet makes it all possible.

I’m just thankful that I made it here. I’ll have more to say, in a more cohesive way. But for now, I just wanted to express how much joy I have and how happy I am to share my story and truth with you.

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  1. James Soto on February 7, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    ‘Be the nexus of who you are and the vision that you inspire to be. Everything surrounding this convergence is the hustle.’ That’s the best I can do to paraphrase you and your recent conversations. – Keep creating. Thanks for giving us consume something good for to consume.

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